Unit 4


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Best-Fitting Line
A line that best represents the data points on a scatter plot.
Box and Whisker Plot
This is a visual display of some to the descriptive statistics of a data set. It quickly displays the 5-number summary: the minimum value, the maximum value, the median , the upper quartile, and the lower quartile .
Dependent Variable
this is the observed variable in an experiment or study whose changed are determined by the presence of degree of one or more independent variables. When graphed, this variable is usually on ther vertical axis
This is the image obtained by plotting all the points that satisfy an equation or inequality. A visual representation of data .
A special type of bar graph in which data are grouped into intervals of equal width.
This means that the outcome of one event does not influence the outcome of any other event.
Independent Variable
The is the manipulated variable in an experiment or study whose presence or degree determines the change in the dependent variable . When graphed this is graphed usually on the horizontal axis .
Interquartile Range
The spread of the middle 50% of the data
Line of Best Fit
A straight line that best fits the data on the coordinate plane
Mean Absolute Deviation
To find this take the average of the absolute values of the difference between each member of a data set and the mean of the data set
Negative Correlation
This describe the relationship between one set of data that decreases as another set of data increases. Inversely related is a synonym
Negative Slope
A line extending from the upper left to the lower right has this type of slope
This is a value which is much greater than, or much less than, the others values. It is important because it can affect your measures of central tendency greatly
Positive Correlation
This describe a relationship between one set of data that increases as another set of data increases. This is synonymous with directly related.
This is the value In a data set which separates one-forth of the data from the rest.
This is the difference between the maximum and the minimum value in a data set.
Relative Frequency
The value determined by dividing the number of times an event occurs by the total number of times the event was completed. Another word for proportion.
The amount a data point varies from a regression line. The difference between the observed value and the value predicted by the model. Also known as error, this is called the ____.
Scatter Plot
A graph that displays a collection of ordered pairs
This is the horizontal axis in a coordinate graph
This is the vertical axis in a coordinate graph