Chapter 13 Texas History Review

to bring products in and out of the city
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Missouri, Tennessee, IllinoisWhere most of the people, brought by W. S. Peters and Associates, came fromSlavery greatly increasedhow slavery was affected by Texas becoming an independent nationSuffered racial hardships and religious prejudiceHow Mexican Texans were treated in the Republic of TexasThere were jobs for people in various tradesHow the development of towns affected jobs in early Texascash cropsterm given to crops that are grown to raise moneyReverend Richard SalmonFirst public school teacher hired in TexasSidney Shermanbusinessman who organized the Harrisburg railroadJohn "Rip" Fordwas a Texas Ranger, frontiersman, physician, lawyer, politician, and a playwrightWilliam GoyensFree African American who served as an interpreter during the revolutionDona Maria del Carmen CalvilloTejano who became a successful cattle rancher