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Ecotravelgame - QUIZ

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Because oil, natural gas, and coal are not easy to replace, they are called .....:
a) disappearing resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) natural resources
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Which of the following statement about disposable nappies is INCORRECT?
a) each child produces more than 1 tonne of single-use baby nappies waste after two and a half years
b) disposable nappies are not all recyclable and the decomposition lasts 100+ years
c) you can flush plant-based wipes and napkins
Which of the following statement about heating is INCORRECT ?
a) water heating makes up over 15% of the households' energy consumption in the EU
b) turning the thermostat down by 1 degree can save up to 10% energy
c) you can save energy on heating if you keep the temperature constant on a comfortable temperature in all spaces at all times