17 terms

carbs, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

elements of carbohydrates
carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
elements of lipids
carbon and hydrogen
elements of proteins
nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
elements of nucleic acids
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus
monomers of carbohydrates
sugar molecules, monosaccharides
monomers of lipids
glycerol and fatty acids
monomers of proteins
amino acids
monomers of nucleic acids
purpose of carbohydrates
main source of energy, structural purposes
purpose of lipids
store energy, parts of biological membranes and waterproof coverings
purposes of proteins
control the rate of reactions, regulate cell processes, form cellular structures, transport substances into/out of cells help fight disease
purpose of nucleic acids
store and transmit genetic information
examples of carbohydrates
glucose, starch
examples of lipids
fats, oils, waxes, steroid hormones
examples of proteins
enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobin
examples of nucleic acids
the four kinds
carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids