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Intro to OTA Test #2

Who all is included in the term "OT personnel"?
OT, OTA, OT aid/tech
Who regulates educational standards for OT?
Which body administers certification exam for OT?
What are the steps in the accreditation process?
First, the institution must inform ACOTE of their intention to begin a new program and they must build a curriculum around the standards. Initial accreditation requires a review of the program design and on on-site inspection after at least 1 year of operation. After passing these requirements the program becomes fully accredited and is then reviewed on a regular basis. To maintain accreditation, programs must complete a "report of self-study" and undergo a site visit before the end of the period in which accreditation was awarded. The review board has the power to grand or withhold approval. Periodically programs must make recommended changes in a designated time frame to become accredited or maintain accreditation.
What is the #1 advantage to being accredited?
Qualification to take the exam
What are the differences in OT and OTA education?
OTAs are taught on a more TECHNICAL level whereas OTs are required to perform advanced level research with a thesis
What is the entry level degree for an OT?
Describe the relationship between an OT and OTA.
They work together to treat a patient. The OT creates the goals but the OTA implements them with the patient and communicates back to the OT on the patient's progress so the OT can make a decision about future treatment.
What characteristic are necessary in a supervisor?
Someone who is NOT a rigid thinker
What is a multi-disciplinary team?
Multiple disciplines but they do NOT interact
What is a transdisciplinary team?
Treatment providers cross roles (PT and OT walking a patient but for different reasons)
What is an interdisciplinary team?
Multiple treatment providers with individual roles but a COMMON problem.
What is the definition of ethics?
Study and philosophy of human conduct
What's the difference between ethics and laws?
Ethics are guidelines determined by AOTA, but laws vary by state and force us to behave a certain way.
What are the 7 Principles of Ethics?
3-Autonomy & Confidentiality
5-Procedural Justice
Which principle would be violated if you asked a client on a date?
What types of things are covered under the principle of autonomy?
Client has a voice and a choice regarding therapy.
What is the definition of informed consent?
The "knowledgeable and voluntary agreement by which client undergoes intervention that is in accord with the patient's values and preferences"... Essentially the tx has been explained to the client and they have chosen to be treated.
Which of the 7 Principles cover updating your skills with CEUs?
Which of the 7 Principles cover keeping your licensure up to date?
Procedural Justice
Which of the 7 Principles would be violated if you were dishonest with a Pt about prior experiences you've had with a certain condition or therapy?
Which of the 7 Principles would be violated if you told your supervisor that a certain professional wasn't qualified?
Locus of authority describes what?
Decisions about who should be the primary decision-maker... OR Who is in charge
Describe an ethical dilemma
When two or more principles collide and forces you to prioritize what principle is the most important
Describe ethical distress
A situation which challenges how a practitioner maintains his or her integrity
What are the 6 steps to solving ethical problems?
1-Gather info, 2-Identify type and determine which principles are involved, 3-Refer to code of ethics and determine HOW principle was violated, 4-Explore alternatives and determine a course of action, 5-Put action into motion, 6-Evaluate the process
IDEA is a _________ statute.
Do state statutes vary?
Yes, each state determines their own state statutes and therefore they are consistent from state to state
Who ensures compliance of ethics?
The AOTA Ethics Commission