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Genital herpes incubation
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types of secondary syphilisMacular (most common) Papularlatent syphilis- disease brought under controll by immune system - No clinical findigs - Serology positive - 2/3 remain asymptomatic, 1/3 develope to tertiary syphilis <1y early latent >1y late latentTertiary syphilis types and when occurmore than 3y after secondary syphilis Tuberculous syphilis Gummatous syphilisEarly congenital syphilismanifest in first 2 years - trransmission after 1st trimester - clinical: underweight infants, papuples, matchesLate congenital syphilisManifest after 2 years (onset usually 5-16y) - Hutchinson triad (nowdays rarely)Congenital syphilis treatmentPenicillinAnogenital wraths which strainsHPV 6 and 11 in 90% of the casesGonorrhea bacteriaN. gonorrhea gram negative diplococciGonorreha in males- rarely asymptomatic - Acute urethitis with discharge, dysuria - 2-8d after exposureWhich tissue type gonorrhea infectColumnar epitheliumGonorrhea in women- Mostly asymptomatic - Endocervical and urethral infection - increased vaginal discharge. lower abdominal pain, dysuria - hyperemia of cervixGonorrhea complications- Women: PID - men: epididymo-orchitis - Rare: systemic bacteremiaGonrrhea diagnosisNAAT - urine, urethral swab, vulvovaginal end endocervical swab Culture - high sensitivity, ab resistance evaluation - not for urine - Vitun chocolate agar joka ei sisällä Calcium karbonaattia vittu Microscopy - gram / methyl blue staining - Gram negative diplococciGonorrhea treatmentCeftriaxone 500 mg im + azithromycin 2g po single dosetrichomonas in malesmostly asymptomatic - urethrisits: erosions and ulcers - Epididymitis, prostatis (rare)Trichomonas in womenMostly asymptomatic - Vaginal discharge, dysuria - Strawberry sign (punctuate hemorrhages on cervix)Trichomonas diagnosticswomen: vaginal swab men: penile meatal swab, urine NAAT Wet mount microscopy (vaginal sample) culture (liquid)Trichomonas treatmentMetronidazole 2g orally single dose or 500 mg x 2 for 5-7dChlamydia in malesmostly asymptomatic - urethrisits, dysuria, urethral discharge Complications: epididymitisChlamydia in womenmostly asymptomatic - mucopurulent cervicitis +/- contact bleeding - urethritis, dysuria Complications - PID!!!!!! - in fertilitywhat cells chlamydia infectepithelial cells of the urogenital tract and conjunctivacutanous manifestations of HIVInfectious - All infections that come when immune system is weak (HS, HZ, CMV, HPV, candida, dermatophytes, scabies, syphilis etc) Non-infectious - Kaposi sarcoma (AIDS defining) - Seborrrheic dermatitis and folliculitis - Nodular itching rash - Eosinophlic pustular folliculitis