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MANIFOLD (MAN-i-fohld)

Numerous and varied, consisting of many kinds, containing many elements, features, or
Synonyms: multifarious, multitudinous.


Bending easily, flexible.
Synonyms: adaptable, workable, pliable, supple.


A quick reply, especially one that is cutting or witty.
Synonym: rejoinder.


Stubborn, inflexible, unwilling to give in or compromise, not yielding to argument or
Synonyms: hidebound, intractable, intransigent, adamant (Level 1, Word 15).
Pronunciation tip: Obstinate is sometimes mispronounced as if it were spelled obstinant. Take care to spell obstinate correctly and pronounce it AHB-sti-nit.


Literally, to tear, cut roughly, rend, mangle. Figuratively, to wound, afflict, cause pain.

OMNIPOTENT (ahm-NIP-uh-tint)

All-powerful, almighty, having unlimited power or authority.
Etymology tip: The element omni- means "all," as in omnidirectional, omnipresent, and
omniscient (ahm-NISH-int), all-knowing.


Untrustworthy, dishonorable, deceitful, corrupt, lacking integrity or moral principles.
Related words: scruple, something that causes hesitation or doubt in determining what is
appropriate and proper; scrupulous, having scruples-hence, taking pains to do something
exactly right.

RENAISSANCE (ren-uh-SAHNS orREN-uh-sahns)

A revival, renewal of life or vigor.
Synonyms: rebirth, resurgence


A coming into being, beginning.
Synonyms: origin, birth, creation.

WARRANT (WAH-rint or WAR-int)

(1) To justify, give good reason for, authorize, sanction.
(2) To guarantee, promise, give formal assurance of.
Related word: unwarranted, without good reason or authorization, unjustifiable.

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