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  1. the mean of the squared differences of each score from the mean score
  2. Confounding variables may be present in a study after it begins
  3. applying specific results to the population as a whole
  4. natural selection
  5. normal distribution
  1. a TRUE
  2. b generalization
  3. c The table that researchers consult in order to determine whether their results are statistically significant describes a
  4. d A consequence of the fact that some members of a species produce more offspring than other members of the species
  5. e The variance of a set of scores is

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  1. a general criticism of selectionism
  2. Helmholtz abandoned his attempt to measure the speed of a person's reaction to physical stimuli because
  3. Endogenous is to ___ as heroin is to ____
  4. Molecular biology is to ____ as behavior genetics is to _____
  5. a theory does NOT

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  1. generalizabilityReplication with different samples of participants can help increase ____ of results


  2. transporterIn general, psychologists try to explain behavior by studying its


  3. law of effectThe idea that behavior that produces a favorable outcome is likely to be repeated


  4. neurotransmitter receptorthe mechanism in the membrane of the axon that actively pumps ions in and out of the axon is an ion


  5. a researcher watching two birds building a nest in a treean example of naturalistic observation