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  1. generalizability
  2. chromosomal aberration; mutation
  3. bladder contraction
  4. prefrontal cortex
  5. PKU
  1. a The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system does NOT control
  2. b Rearrangement of chromosomes is to _____ as alteration of DNA sequence within a single gene is to _____
  3. c the motor association cortex is located in the
  4. d Replication with different samples of participants can help increase ____ of results
  5. e A special diet is instrumental in saving the lives of children with

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  1. A consequence of the fact that some members of a species produce more offspring than other members of the species
  2. According to the text what makes psychology both exciting and confusing
  3. TRUE
  4. To summarize a set of numbers most precisely in terms of central tendency use the
  5. Helmholtz abandoned his attempt to measure the speed of a person's reaction to physical stimuli because

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  1. leads to genetic diversity, which is adaptiveNatural selection has favored species that reproduce sexually because sexual reproduction


  2. different parts of the brain may have different functionsOne of the important implications of the doctrine of specific nerve energies was that


  3. a researcher watching two birds building a nest in a treean example of naturalistic observation


  4. central nervous systemthe mechanism in the membrane of the axon that actively pumps ions in and out of the axon is an ion


  5. a member of the public at large, not affiliated with the research institutionThe formal ethical guidelines for animal research in the US require research proposals to be reviewed by a committee that must include a veterinarian and