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  1. causes
  2. median
  3. replicate other theories
  4. polygyny
  5. Confounding variables may be present in a study after it begins
  1. a the reproductive strategy that involves high female and low male parental investment
  2. b a theory does NOT
  3. c To summarize a set of numbers most precisely in terms of central tendency use the
  4. d TRUE
  5. e In general, psychologists try to explain behavior by studying its

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  1. the amount of variability in a particular trait, in a particular population, at a particular time that is due to genetic factors
  2. Endogenous is to ___ as heroin is to ____
  3. The table that researchers consult in order to determine whether their results are statistically significant describes a
  4. In Descartes's view the critical distinction between people and the rest of the natural world was that humans possess
  5. the motor association cortex is located in the

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  1. applying specific results to the population as a wholeMolecular biology is to ____ as behavior genetics is to _____


  2. psychophysicsThrough their research on human responses to physical stimuli, Helmholtz and Weber contributed to the new field of


  3. PKUA special diet is instrumental in saving the lives of children with


  4. comparative psychologyDr. Lind studies the effects of different drugs on the behavior of different species. He works in


  5. genomeTo summarize a set of numbers most precisely in terms of central tendency use the