In which part(s) of the brain are the sensory, motor, and intellectual functions linked together?
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Gabbie is trying to decide what to wear today. It is going to be raining this morning but should be clearing off later. In addition, Gabbie knows that she has riding lessons after school, so she needs to take that into account when she chooses her clothes. On top of that, today is the pep rally, meaning Gabbie is expected to wear her school colors. In order to select an appropriate outfit without assistance, Gabbie must be capable of what?
To help himself remember the colors of the visible spectrum, Cam said, "ROY G BIV," where each color is represented by a letter. This is an example of the use of which of the following? A. Systematic searching B. Inductive reasoning C. Mnemonics D. RehearsalMnemonicsTo help herself remember the items she was to get from the market, Anna repeated the five-item list over and over under her breath. This is an example of which information-processing strategy?RehearsalA skill that is especially related to learning to read well in middle childhood isPhonological awarenessWhich term applies to those school children who are non-English-speaking, whether immigrant or native-born?Limited English proficiencyWhen IQ tests are developed, the scores are determined by comparing individual students' scores to an overall average attained by giving the same test to large numbers of similar individuals. This process describes which strategy?Standardized testingWho is the theorist who proposed the idea of multiple intelligences?Howard GardnerSternberg's theory proposes three components of intelligence. What are they?contextual, experiential, componentialA child who has difficulty mastering specific academic skills such as reading, but who has normal intelligence and no physical or sensory handicaps, might be categorized as having which?learning disabilityAccording to your textbook, which is the most frequent reason parents cite when they choose to homeschool their children? A. Their children have physical disabilities. B. Their children have special learning needs. C. Homeschooling provides an environment safe from teasing. D. They have concerns about the school environment.D. They have concerns about the school environment.A child who has academic and behavioral problems in school because he or she is more physically active and/or less attentive than peers may be classified as having what?Attention deficit hyperactive disorderWhat is the crisis of middle childhood according to Erikson?Industry versus inferiority.According to trait theorists, what is the nature of temperament in middle childhood?relatively stable in terms of traits.Which of the following best defines self-efficacy? A. The belief in one's influence over events that have nothing to do with them B. The belief that one is responsible for their own internal behaviors C. The belief that the environment influences one's internal thoughts D. The belief in one's ability to cause an intended event to happenThe belief in one's ability to cause an intended event to happen.Which refers to children's global self-evaluation, which includes factors such as how well they like themselves or how happy they are?self-esteemHeath refers to his friend, Mickey, as smart. Heath's description is based on which of the following? A. Behavioral comparison B. Behavioral construct C. Psychological construct D. Psychosocial comparisonPsychological constructAccording to Piaget's ideas about children's moral development, a child who insists that the rules of a game cannot be changed because they come from authorities such as parents or religious figures is demonstrating moral development at which stage?moral realismChildren who are older than eight years of age, compared to children who are younger, know that ________ are important when making moral judgments about the behavior of others.interntionsWhat is Piaget's stage of moral development in which children understand that sometimes rules can be changed by social agreement?moral relativism (8)What is the child's ability to conform to parental standards of behavior without direct supervision?self regulation.During the later years of middle childhood, the key element of children's friendships becomesReciprocal trust.What seems to be the most important factor in selection of friends among 6- to 12-year-olds?socioeconomic similarityA group of girls were playing jump-rope when a couple of boys ran in and grabbed their rope yelling, "You can't catch us!" The girls laughed and gave chase, retrieving the rope—to the delight of both the boys and girls. This is an example of which?A boundary violationRejecting comments, manipulation, ordering, challenging, or defiance all define which?Controlling speechPsychologists have begun to believe that girls may not be less aggressive than boys, but rather that girls may express themselves by using which form of aggression?Relational aggressionWhich of the following is a characteristic of victims of bullying? A. High self-esteem B. A good sense of humor C. Sensitivity D. Low intelligenceC. SensitivityWhich of the following seems to be the most important element in a child's acceptance by her peers? A. Intelligence B. Physical appearance C. Socioeconomic status D. Social behaviorsocial behaviorWhich term is used by psychologists to describe children who are disliked and avoided by their peers?Withdrawn/rejectedWhich characteristic is more likely to be found in neglected children than in popular or rejected children?What terms describe the two types of rejected children?withdrawn and aggressiveMany children who grow up in neighborhoods with street violence, gang activity, and overcrowded homes suffer from what?PTSD (296)Which best defines adolescence?The transitional period between childhood and adulthoodWhich group of hormones is responsible for the development of the sex organs?estrogen in females and testosterone in malesWhich gland prompts the release of hormones from the other endocrine glands?pituitary glandDuring puberty, the pituitary gland signals the adrenal glands to increase production of androgens. What is the term for this process?adrenarcheWhat is the term for the onset of the first menstrual cycle?menarcheAccording to current research, which of the following accounts for the secular trend in development worldwide?improvements in nutrition and health careWhich group is more likely to have a negative body image, get into trouble at school and with peers, and engage in delinquent behavior?Early maturing girlsWhich group is more likely to occupy leadership roles but also be at increased risk for alcohol or drug use?early maturing boysJust over ____ of sexually active high school females in 2011 reported being on the pill.23%What is the overall annual teenage pregnancy rate in the United States?Which term applies to a person whose psychological gender does not match their biological sex?transgenderAmong teenagers, what is the most commonly used substance?alcoholWhich of the following is a characteristic of anorexia nervosa? A. Eating large amounts of food and then purging B. Extreme dieting C. Excessive menstruation D. ImpulsivityExtreme dietingUse of laxatives, exercise, and vomiting are most closely associated with which?purgingWhat is Piaget's stage of cognitive development that emerges between ages 12 and 16?formal operationsWhich of the following is a component of adolescent egocentrism, according to Elkind? - Belief one's thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are uniqueConcrete thinkingIf Marla wants to be the best clarinet player in the band, she is motivated by which type of goal?abilityDeShaun wants to learn calculus so he can become an engineer. He is motivated by which type of goal?TaskWhat percentage of U.S. high school students receives a diploma?90%Which of the following best correlates with dropping out of high school? A. Child's height and weight B. Risk-taking behavior C. Being an only child D. GenderRisk-taking behaviorCelebrating the attainment of dating age and bar/bat mitzvah are examples of what?Rites of passage.Which of Freud's psychosexual stages is reached in the post-pubertal years?GenitalWhich represents Erikson's central crisis of adolescence?Identity versus role confusion.Marcia's theory of adolescent identity achievement suggests that adolescent identity formation has two key parts. What are they?crisis and commitmentIn terms of writing skills, how do boys and girls differ? A. Boys perceive themselves as better writers than girls. B. Girls are likely to score higher on objective tests of writing ability. C. Girls perceive themselves as better writers than boys. D. Boys score higher on objective tests of writing ability.B. Girls are likely to score higher on objective tests of writing ability.What is the term used by developmentalists to describe the psychological aspects of the sexual self?Gender role identity.Which is one of the four basic sex-role types identified by researchers? - identity achievement - moratorium - identity foreclosure - identity diffusionlook at options :)Mac is noted for baking the best cheesecake in town and is also the person everyone calls when their car won't start. Mac can comfort a crying child and fix a flat tire with equal competence. Mac's gender role identity is most likelyAndrogynousThe point at which an adolescent minority individual becomes aware of how she is perceived by the majority culture is part of which stage of Phinney's theory of ethnic identity?Unexamined ethnic identityAt which stage of Kohlberg's theory of moral reasoning are the standards the child uses to judge right and wrong based on external superior sources of authority and determined by the outcome or consequences?Preconventional moralityHow many stages are there in Kohlberg's theory of moral development?six stagesThe rules or norms of a group to which the individual belongs, such as the family, peer group, or religion, become the basis of moral judgments during which level of Kohlberg's theory of moral reasoning?conventional moralityAccording to Kohlberg, the highest stage of moral reasoning isUniversal ethical principlesWhich refers to the ability to look at a situation from another person's perspective?role takingWhich moral principle typically overrides all other concerns of moral judgment in Western societies?justiceWhich characteristic is both a cause and a consequence of moral development according to Nancy Eisenberg?empathyWhich term describes antisocial behavior that includes law-breaking?delinquencyIn the great majority of families, what are conflicts between parents and children generally about?Everyday issues, such as chores.A clique is made up of between ___ and ___ young people who appear to be strongly attached to one another.4;6Which describes a combination of cliques that includes both male and female members?crowdIdentify and define 4 of Gardner's multiple intelligences.Intra-personal: - understanding yourself (feelings, your wants) interpersonal: - Understanding others (feeling and their motives) linguistic: - finding the right words to express one's feelings musical: - discerning sound/pitch, and rhythmDefine self-esteem. Identify and describe two primary influences on self-esteem.Self-esteem is a the way we feel and our opinions about ourselves. Self-esteem can be effected positively or negatively. There are multiple factors that can have an effect on self-esteem which can include childhood/family, social media, and even achievements. Childhood/family can go both ways. A person can be proud of the family they have or they can be embarrassed. If someone were to find out of their family they could potentially get bullied for it. Not having as much followings as your classmates can lower someones self-esteem. They might start thinking that the other person is so much better than them. Having achievements can have a positive affect of self-esteem.Identify three factors that increase the likelihood that a teen girl will become pregnantThree factors that increases the likelihood that a teen girl will become pregnant would be that their mother was a teen parent, teen girl may by a victim of sexual abuse, and having unprotected sex at a young ageList and summarize the three phases of the crisis intervention model used to help pregnant teenagersInitial Phase - Characterized by anxiety and an adult confronting pregnancyEscalation Phase - Teenager begins to try to confront the crisis and discusses options.Redefinition Phase - Breaking down the problem into small choices and starting to make decisions.Identify James Marcia's four identity statuses. Explain how crisis and commitment work together to achieve identity achievement status.Identify achievements: Both crisis and commitment have been processed Moratorium: Currently experiencing crisis but no commitment has been made Foreclosure: Commitment without crisis; accepted parental or culturally defined commitment Identity diffusion: No crisis or commitment. Diffusion may thus represent either an early stage in the process (before crisis) or a failure to reach a commitment after crisis.