A. Ryan Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop, Level C

20 Unit 2 flashcards
Definition: Playful actions

Part of Speech: noun. plural

Synonym: pranks

Antonym: none

Sentence: The antics of the teenage boys consisted of mindless pranks.
Definition: Firmly anounced

Part of Speech: adjective. participle

Synonym: admitted

Antonym: unacknowledged

Sentence: Surprisingly the avowed vegan admitted she had eaten meat.
Definition: (v) to joke around with someone with hurtful words (n) words that are used to joke with or tease someone in a playful way

Part of Speech: verb, noun

Synonym: (n) joking

Antonym: (n) serious talk

Sentence:(v) It is not nice to banter with someone if they do not understand the joke. (n) The teacher does not know that the banter is only the friends joking around with one and other.
Definition:something that is full of ro overflowing with

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: abundant

Antonym: scarce

Sentence: After the bountiful meal, we had an abundant supply of dessert.
Definition: Filled with more than intended

Part of Speech: adjective. Participle

Synonym: jammed

Antonym: uncluttered

Sentence: More people jammed into the already congested halls of the school.
Definition: not to your benifit; something going against you

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: liability

Antonym: advantage

Sentence: The harm he causes with his behavior will end up being a detriment.
Definition: (adj) Something that is sturdy (pl. N) things that are made and sold

Part of Speech: adjective, plural noun

Synonym: (adj) enduring

Antonym: (adj) perishable

Sentence: (adj) The durable swing set lasted the entire enduring winter.(n. Pl.) The company sold many durable items and became very successful.
Definition: describing someone who is driven

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: ambitious

Antonym: lazy

Sentence: The enterprising boy scout had an ambitious drive to become an eagle scout.
Definition: spending wisely, cheap (in a good way), careful

Part of Speech:Adjective

Synonym: thrifty

Antonym: extravagant

Sentence: The skimpy allowance lead to my frugal spending ,on one top, at the mall.
Definition: Carefully moving about

Part of Speech:Adjective, adverb

Synonym: (adv.) cautiously(adj.) cautious

Antonym: (adv.) firmly(adj.) firm

Sentence:(adj) The ginger manner in which she walked made her look so cautions as she walked through the park. (adv) As she gingerly moved through the rain she cautiously avoided the puddles.
Definition: (n) something that is more than needed (v) to overload

Part of Speech: Verb, noun

Synonym: (v) flood (n) surplus

Antonym: (n) shortage

Sentence:(n) The glut of oranges lead to a surplus of orange juice. (v) Orange farmers glut the market with their flood of extra oranges.
Definition:(adj,adv) Hidden by a change of looks(n) someone hidden by a change of looks

Part of Speech: Adjective, Adverb, Noun

Synonym: (adj) disguised(n) disguise

Antonym: (adj) undisguised

Sentence:(adj) The incognito trick or treaters strolled through the neighborhood as disguised as they could be. (adv) The trick or treaters rushed for candy incognito in their costumes. (n) His incognito kept him safe from the vicious predators lurking in the wild in a disguise that makes them look cute.
Definition: To take away value

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: cancel

Antonym: confirm

Sentence: The store had to invalidate my credit because had canceled my prescription to the magazine.
Definition: made up from old tales

Part of Speech: Adjective

Synonym: mythical

Antonym: none

Sentence: The legendary story had so many mythical creatures playing major roles.
Definition: to destroy or hurt;to dismember

Part of Speech:Verb

Synonym: injure

Antonym: help

Sentence: The evil rabbit is about to maim the the knights trying to get into his secret cave by injuring them.
Definition: to make small, to shrink

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: downplay

Antonym: enlarge

Sentence: He tried to minimize the rabbits important in the movie by downplaying the number of scenes he's in.
Definition: Not straight forward, curving

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: indirect

Antonym: direct

Sentence: As I drove down the oblique road I realized I had chosen a very indirect course.
Definition: To go off course or change courses

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: shift

Antonym: none

Sentence: While driving down the road I had to veer off course and shift directions because a deer got in the way.
Definition: To have respect for

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: worship

Antonym: despise

Sentence: As we worship God in church be sure to venerate other saints.
Definition: (n) someone who gets everything they want and is not a good person (adj) describing someone who gets everything they want

Part of Speech: adjective, noun

Synonym:(adj) spiteful

Antonym:(adj) justified

Sentence: (n) There is a mean wanton in my grade that has a very spiteful attitude towards everything. (adj) His wanton and spiteful behavior made him loose all of his friends.

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