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the actions used be one nation to exercise political or economic control over a smaller or weaker nation


a country that is technically independent but is actually under control of another country


the belief that English speaking countries are superior

yellow journalism

type pf sensational,biased, and often false reporting for the sake of attracting readers


extreme nationalism marked by aggressive foreign policy

sphere of influence

section of a country where one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers

Open Door policy

a policy that allowed each foreign nation in China to trade freely in the other nation's sphere of influence

dollar diplomacy

a policy of joining the business interests of a country with its diplomatic interests abroad


the results of improvement on an old or existing idea


to make a document available to the general public


material used in the production process,such as money,people,land,wood,or steel


to go against a previously set standard


nearly or almost entirely


a heroic act


unrest or strife over a situation


to get involved in the affairs of another

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