Unit 2 Political Behavior

political party
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incumbentrefers to the current office holderfactionsrefers to conflicting groupsprecinctrefers to the smallest unit of election administrationwardunits that cities are divided into due to the election of city council memberssplit ticket votingvoting for candidates of different parties for different offices at the same electionpoll booksthe official lists of qualified voters in each percentgerrymanderingdrawing electoral district lines in order to limit the voting strength of a particular group or partyinjunctioncourt order that forces or limits the acts of private or public officialstransleta person who lives in a state for a short timeballot fatiguerefers to voters losing their patience and for knowledge they work their way down a ballottime zone fallouttaken place when the media predict election winner when the polls is the East and Midwest close and results in a lower voter turnout in the West where the polls are still opensingle-member districtelection district is widely only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot