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Condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place.


Weather conditions in a geographic region over a long time.


Measurement of heat.

Greenhouse Effect

Earths atmosphere traps heat energy in a process called __________.

Global Warming

Earth getting warmer in recent decades.


Centers of low pressures.

Prevailing Winds

Winds that blow from the same direction most of the time.


Zone along equator is calm with no prevailing winds.


Occurs when two air masses of widely different temperatures or moisture levels.


Process by which water changes from a liquid to a gas.


amount of water vapor in the air.


a process by which water vapor changes from gas into liquid droplets.

Orographic Effect

Occurs when moist air pushes against a mountain.

Rain Shadow

air that moves down the leeward side, it warms and dries.


Spirals of air affect fairly small areas, and destroy anything in path.


Most powerful and destructive tropical cyclones.


can create dangerously high waves.


worlds climates supports a variety of ____________.


wind system , in which winds completely reverse direction and cause seasons of wet and dry weather.


Areas that are areas of tropical grasslands, scattered trees, and shrubs.

Deciduous Forests

Forests that can be divided into 2 main types.

Coniferous Forests

Trees that remain green all year.


Permanently frozen soil.

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