Gamestar Mechanic

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Jumping Mechanic
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Score KeeperCounts the number of points collected and can be used as a goal.AvatarThe digital representation of a physical person in a virtual world or game.LockA lock that can only be opened by keys of the same color.EnemyAn armed, opposing character that deals damage and has a variety of attack and movement patterns.KeyA key that can open locks of the same color.BossParticularly large, strong or difficult armed, opposing character.Unbounded SpaceThe game space is open so that sprites can leave or fall out of the screen.Racing MechanicAvatars can have a very fast speed, and may seem to be racing.Collecting MechanicAvatars collect or pick up points or other environmental items.Frag CounterCounts the number of destroyed enemies and can be used as a goal.Environment BlockA block that is used as a surface or a wall.Blasting MechanicAvatars can blast enemies.Bounded SpaceThe game space is closed on the sides so the sprites cannot leave or fall out of the screen.Solving MechanicPlayers must solve puzzles in the game, such as finding the correct path or bringing the correct key to a lock.Top-down PerspectiveThe game is presented in an overhead view, or bird's eye view, as if the player was seeing the game from above.Damage BlockA block that hurts avatars on contact and is used as a harmful surface or wall.Amazing RaceTimers create pressure and mark the beginning and end of a race. Design a racecourse with a challenging space (long, narrow, or full of obstacles). Think about making shortcuts and detours to give racers some choice in where they go.Goal BlockWhen an active Goal Block is touched the game is won. In some games, however, the avatar sprite must meet conditions before the Goal Block is activated.Wraparound SpaceThe game space wraps around so that when sprites exit off one side of the screen, they appear on the opposite side.Scrolling SpaceThere are multiple screens in this game space so an Avatar can move horizontally or vertically through different environmentsTimerCounts seconds during gameplay. The player needs to win before the time runs out or survive for a certain amount of time.