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the term "response" as used in the National Response Framework includes:
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what are the mission areasprevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recoverywhich government entity can elect to deal directly with the Federal Government for federal disaster assistancetribal governmenta MAC group isComposed of senior officials, such as agency administrators, executives, or their designees, who are authorized to represent or commit agency resources and funds in support of incident activities.what is the definition for "mitigation" mission areareduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasterswhich of the following are part of the DHS/FEMA Federal Operations Centers?Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC)which core capability makes it possible to manage the life cycle of a potential crisis, determine capability requirements, and help stakeholders learn their rolesplanninghow many community lifelines are there?7what is defined as enabling the continuous operation of critical government and business functionsa community lifelinewhat is part of the most basic community lifelines that represent the services the community relies onfood, water, sheltera basic premise of the National Response Framework is that:most incidents begin and end locally and are managed at the local or tribal levelname a community lifelinecommunicationswhich partner is often the first to arrive and last to leave the incident site of a disasterlocal governmentwhat is the tribal assistance coordination group (TAC-G)the federal MAC group that assist tribesthe national response framework is:a comprehensive guide to prevention, protection, and mitigationthe national response frameworkdescribes key roles and responsibilities for integrating capabilities across the whole community