From the consumer's perspective, the elements of an IMC strategy can be viewed as being either
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The AIDA model represents a series of mental stages a consumer goes through and includes awareness, action, interest, andDesireOne of the metrics Jared used to gauge the level of exposure his marketing message had with his target market was the number of times the target market was exposed to his message throughout the six weeks of the campaign, representing itsFrequencyWhat factors are used in the rule-of-thumb methods to determine the communication budget?Prior Sales & Communication ActivitiesThe AIDA model is also known as the ________ model.Think, feel, doHome Depot hired an advertising agency to develop television ads for its grand opening in southern Maine. The advertising agency represents which component of the communication process?TransmitterIf a sponsored link was delivered 100 times and 10 people clicked on it, then the number of impressions is 100, the number of clicks is 10, and the click-through-rate (CTR) is10%________ occurs when there is a lack of clarity in the message or a flaw in the medium.NoisePersonalized email marketing is an online, passive form of persuasive communication and would be classified as an example ofDirect Marketing________ measures how much time viewers spend on particular web pages and how many times users click banner ads.Web Tracking SoftwareGoogle's AdWords system provides a quality score as a measure of ________, which indicates the usefulness of an ad message to consumers doing a Google search.RelevanceThe slogans "Coolest Video Game" and "World's Best Hamburgers" are examples of ________, which is the legal exaggeration of praise, stopping just short of deception, lavished on a product.PufferyWhen introducing new products, Nestle uses a(n) ________ strategy by offering retailers discounts on the products along with point-of-purchase displays to motivate them to highlight the product.Push________ advertising generally occurs in the growth and early maturity stages of the product life cycle, when competition is most intense, and attempts are made to accelerate the market's acceptance of the product.PersuasiveAssessing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign while it is running by monitoring key indicators is referred to asTrackingCompanies such as Lancôme often use ________ advertising to convince consumers to take action such as switching brands, trying a new product, or even continuing to buy the advertised product.Persuasive________ appeals help consumers make purchase decisions by offering factual information that encourages consumers to evaluate the brand favorably on the basis of the key benefits it provides.Informational________ is a tool used to communicate the distinct attributes of a product; it can be used as a slogan or a theme and often becomes a snapshot of the entire advertising campaign.A Unique Selling PropositionTaco Bell teamed up with PepsiCo to make their Doritos Locos Tacos. This is an example ofCross-PromotingAn activity that supports other promotional efforts by generating free media attention and general goodwill is referred to asPublic RelationsWhat is the first step in planning and executing an advertising campaign?Identify the Target MarketIBM's "Let's 'Put Smart to Work" campaign, which promotes using artificial intelligence (AI) to better the world, is an example of ________ advertising.InstitutionalBanana Boat uses a ________ advertising schedule, where it advertises its sunscreen products heavily in the months leading up to and during the summer, with no advertising after the season ends.FlightingA form of sales promotion that offers prizes based on a chance drawing of entrants' names is referred to as aSweepstakesThe CBS network is a means to reach large numbers of anonymous audience members, and is therefore which type of media?Mass MediaAs a product in the maturity stage of its life cycle, chewing gum brands would most likely require the use of ________ advertising to prompt purchases.ReminderAs a type of sales promotion, ________ encourage trial and reduce consumer risk, although they may negatively impact perceptions of brand value.DealsThe _______ enforces truth in advertising laws and defines deceptive and unfair advertising practices.Federal Trade CommissionWarby Parker, maker of eyeglasses, partners with VisionSpring in its "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair," campaign, which donates a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need for every pair purchased. This is an example ofCause-Related MarketingIn a print advertisement, items used to identify the sponsor of the ad, such as the company logo or USP, are referred to asBrand ElementsNike's "Just Do It" campaign featuring famous athletes encourages people to do their best and believe in themselves. This is an example of a(n) ________ appeal.Emotional