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Blessed ChaminadeSaw his own ministry and that of the Marian SodalitiesBrother FoxA marianist brother who devoted over 60 years to work of Catholic education and the community of his brotherSt BenedictChristian saint venerated in the Catholic ChurchSt.AugustineBishop of Hippo from 396 to 430St. PaulApostle who spread the teachings of JesusSt Thomas AquinasHad a deep devotion to the sacramentsSt ElizabethPatron saint of bakers, countless, death of ChildrenAngel GabrielCame down to Mary to give her the good newsMaryFree from original sin, conceived JesusZacchaeusChief tax and also a wealthy manParablesStories that teach us about Jesus and faithThe Good SamaritanThe prolifically Son (LK 10:30-33)ConversionA change in heartSacramentA visible sign,instituted by Christ,to give us graceImperfect contritionSorrow for sin because you are afraidAn enticement to sinTemptationThe sinnerPenitentSorrow for sin because it offends GodPerfect contritionTrue sorrow for sinContritionThe liturgical season when we remember that we are dustLentTurn away from sin and toward JesusRepentHelps us determine right from wrongConscienceCome to me all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh your soul...for my joke is easy,and my burden lightMatthew 11;28All are titles for the sacrament of reconciliation exceptAnointingThe sacrament of Reconciliation is a sacrament of :HealingWhen we leave the confessional and pray weDo penanceThe prayer we recite during the Sacrament of Penance isThe Act of ContritionZacchaeus is a ____________ who wants to give back what he has taken from othersTax collectorThe scribes and Pharisees were opposed to Jesus because of His relationship with the :SinnersThe parable of the prodigal son teaches us that god the father isMercifulWe can call Jesus the _____________, because He comes to heal the sickness of our soulDivine PhysicianDuring Lent we grow closer to God by fasting,praying and _______________AlmsgivingIn scripture verse Matthew 25, Jesus teaches us that we will be judged actions such asFeeding the hungryAbsolution is theForgiveness of sinThe sin that weakens the relationship we have with Jesus is callled:Venial SinWhat part of Reconciliation do we ask ourselves if we have loved God and neighbor?Examine our conscienceAn offense against God in thought,word, or omission is:SinAll are things that can tempt us to sin EXCEPT:prayerThe first step in the sacrament of Penance is:Examination of ConscienceOur fallen nature is a result of:Original sinJesus have us the perfect pattern of mercy when He:Carried the crossOur conscience is formed by all except:Friends expectations(T or F)Jesus did not like the sin but loved the sinnerTrue(T or F)the sacrament of Reconciliation heals the wounds in our soul from our past sinsTrue(T or F)Jesus was afraid to confront Satan in the desertFalse(T or F)a mortal sin must be forgiven in the sacrament of PenanceTrue(T or F) Venial sins are forgiven by receiving the EucharistTrueEating or drinking too muchGluttonyJealousy over another's successEnvyExtreme angerWrathThinking you are the source of your own greatnessPrideExtreme lazinessSlothAnd the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,full of Grace and TruthJohn 1:14The prophet foretold that the Messiah would be born inBethlehemIn scripture,"And the word of God became flesh,"the Word isJesusThe birth of the baby Jesus in a lowly manger in Bethlehem shows us that He was born intoPoverty