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Milady Chapter 20

Test Review
Tough exterior layer of the hair
PH Scale has a range from
Chemical texturizers raise the PH of the hair to an alkaline state in order to _________and swell the hair shaft
Amino Acids
compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur
Keratin protein
long coiled polupeptide chanins
hydrogen bonds reform when
shape and type of curl is determined by the
wrappiing method
straight rods are
equal in diameter
most control over the hair
double flat wrap
panels are
sections of hair
panels are divided into small subsections called
base sections
caution should be used to avoid additional
stress and tension
angle of rod
base direction
2 methods of wrapping the hair
croquignole and spiral
end to scalp
croquignole method
once in cortex waving solution breaks bonds
reduction is due to additon of
thioglycolic acid
most common reducing agent in permanent wave solution
active ingredient in alkaline
ammonium thioglycolate
mosst alkaline perm wave on the PH scale is
main active ingredient in tru acid waving lotion
glycerl monothioglycolate
all acid waves have 3 common compents
activators, waving solution, and neutralizer
most acid waves in salon
exothermic waves create an exothermic chemical reaction that heats up the waving solutiion and speeds up the________
activated by an outside heat source, usually a conventional hood-type hair dryer
if too many diulfied bonds are broken
the hair will not have enough strenght left to hold the desired curl
stops the action of the waving solution and rebuilds the hair into its new curly form
thio neutralization
premilary test provides the following information
correct processing time for the best curl to develop, results you can expect from the type of perm solution you have selcted, curl results for the rod size and wrapping technigue you are planning to use.
basic perm wrap aka
straight set wrap
prevent noticble splits and to blend the flow of the hair
bricklay permanent wrap
double rod wrap aka
piggyback wrap