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the study of how ideas get linked together and trying to find "laws" that describe and examine behavior
a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience
Neutral Stimulus -->
Conditioned Stimulus
Unconditioned stimulus -->
has an unconditioned behavior: becomes a conditioned response
process by which eventually the response goes away --> the response becomes extinct
Spontaneous Recovery
the learned condition returns almost immediately after a rest period. The response returns when presented with stimulus
conditioned to similar stimuli. When conditioned to one thing, many other things similar produce the same conditioned reaction
one thing causes a reaction when something similar does not
Desensitization Theory
gradually reducing the bond between the stimulus and the response by slowly introducing the stimulus while making them relax
Counter Conditioning Therapy
replacing stimulus-reaction bond with a new bond (by introducing something pleasant with the stimulus)
Aversion Therapy
replacing the bond for a bad feeling with something bad
replacing "nice" with "nasty"