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what organelle forms spindle during cell division

centrioles (looks like flower)

main job of ribosome

build polypeptides in protein synthesis

job of free ribosomes and where found

manufacture proteins for cell in cytoplasm

job of fixed ribosome and where found

manufacture proteins for secretion attached to ER


disassemble damaged proteins for recycling

membraneous organelles (5)

golgi apparatus

Water molecules and small ions enter a cell through

integral protein channels

Diffusion of a substance across the cell membrane is influenced by all the following EXCEPT
(a) lipid solubility
(b) hydrolysis of ATP
(c) concentration gradient
(d) electrical charge.

B hydrolysis of ATP

The movement of oxygen from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration is an example of


Two types of vesicular transport

endocytosis and exocytosis

Interphase of the cell cycle can be divided into

G1, S, and G2

The shoulder is ______to the elbow


The ventral cavity contains the

pericardial cavity pleural cavity peritoneal cavity

isotopes of an element differ in the number of

neutrons in the nucleus

the mass number represents the number of

protons and neutrons

the weakest bond between two atoms is the_____________ bond


ionic bonds are formed when

atoms share electrons

ions with a negative charge are called


All of the following are true concerning enzymes, EXCEPT that they
(a) function as biological catalysts
(b) lower activation energy
(c) are proteins
(d) are consumed by the reaction.


16. The rate of a chemical reaction is influenced by the (a) temperature
(b) presence of catalysts
(c) concentration of reactants (d) all of these.


which of the following is not a function of protein
(a) support
(b) metabolic regulation
(c) storage of genetic information (d) transport.


if a substance has a pH that is less than 7 it is:


glucose is stored in liver and muscles in the form of


An example of an inorganic substance is
(a) glycerol
(b) water
(c) fructose
(d) all of these.


a fatty acid that does not contain double covalent c=c bonds is called


Most of the fat in the human body is in the form of
(a) phospholipids
(b) cholesterol
(c) triglycerides
(d) prostaglandins


Glycoproteins and proteoglycans are combinations of amino acids and
(a) fatty acids
(b) carbohydrates
(b) lipids
(d) all of these.


A buffer will
(a) make a solution more basic (b) enhance changes in the pH of the solutions
(c) resist drastic changes in the pH of the solutions
(d) have no effect on the pH of the solutions.


An amino acid is to protein as _____ is to a nucleic acid is to DNA. (a) a purine
(b) a nucleotide
(c) protein
(d) none of these.


RNA differs from DNA in that (a) RNA is single stranded
(b) RNA contains uracil and DNA contains thymine
(c) RNA contains ribose while DNA contains deoxyribose
(d) all of these.


the DNA double helix is held together by

hydrogen bonds

Functions of the plasma membrane include all of the following EXCEPT
(a) structural support
(b) separation of the cytoplasma from the extra cellular fluid
(c) regulation of exchange of material
(d) thermal insulation.


the plasma membrane is composed of:

phospholipid bilayer

Functions of the glycocalyx include
(a) binding extracellular compounds
(b) lubricating and protecting the cell membrane
(d) identifying the cell to the immune system
(d) all of these.


amino acids are brought to the ribosome by


what component of the cytoskeleton moves chromosomes during cell division?


ribosomes are composed of

RNA and protein

the triplet codes needed to specify a polypeptide chain are found in the


The mRNA sequence that is complementary to the sequence ATC on DNA is


Before the mRNA transcribed from a gene can be used for protein synthesis it must be

edited to remove introns, transported to cytoplasm

the construction of a function polypeptide by using mRNA is called


the movement of water across a membrane from low solute concentration to higher solute is called


white blood cells engulf bacteria in the process called


site of lipid synthesis

smooth endoplasmic reticulum


self destruction of damaged cells

mitochondria use _________ to break down food and produce ________.

oxygen ATP

contents of nucleus (4)


triplet code

3 bases=1 amino acid

isotonic cells

balanced water flow in and out of cell


gain waters could rupture


looses water, shrinks

facilitated diffusion is ___________


what is vesicular transport m

materials move into or out of cell in vescicles endocytosis and exocytosis

what phase does a cell spend the majority of its life in?


somatic cells divide in three stages:

DNA replication
cytokenis-daughter cells

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