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Describe the functions of the Skeletal System
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Blood vesselsLooks like a vein on bone, carry blood throughout the boneBone marrow CavityContains stem cells that produce blood cells and the cells that make up the immune systemEndostuemLines the surface inside the bone, helps with bone growth, repair, and remodelingCompact boneForms a hard outer shell of the bone, provides protection and strength to bonesPeriosteumOn outside of bone helps with bone growthSynarthrosisImmovable joint, ex bones in the skullAmphiarthrosisslightly movable joint, ex vertebraeDiarthrosisa freely movable joint, ex elbowGlidingnearly flat bone surfaces slide or glide over each otherHingeProvides motion in one plane, ex. humerus meeting ulnaPivotdiarthrosis joint that allows only rotary movement around a single axis, ex. ulna connects to the carpelsBall and Socketmechanism where the shperical part of a bone fits into the cup part of another bone, ex. femur ball connecting to pelvis cup part.SaddleThe concave forming of the joint in a bone allows movements of abduction, abduction, flexation, and extension, ex. proximal part of your thumb jointEllipsodialoval shaped process of a bone that fits into an elongated cavity allows movements of abduction, abduction, flexation, and extension, ex. where metatarsals and phalanges connectAxial skeletonParts of the skeleton that protect the vital organsAppendicular skeletonParts of the skeleton that contain all of the appendegesDescribe the 4 stages of Bone repair1. A blood clot is formed 2. The temporary formation of fibroclasts and chondroblasts around the breakage 3.Osteoblasts start to form spongy bone. 4. New bone tissue is formed