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My country. My country is called Kazakhstan. My country is for the most part deserted and widespread by the steppe. But there are exceptions to the city of Almaty. It is very beautiful, located near the mountains, and there are a lot of trees and hot in summer. Our country is popular with koumiss and meat. And especially horse meat.
My work day. In the morning I get up, wash myself, go to the kitchen I drink tea. I go out on the street I get on a bus, going to the university. I study, then in a long break I go to the dining room, I eat and again in the lesson. The lesson ends, got on the bus, came home. I ate, and I'll sit down for the computer, and then I only sit down for games. And sleep at night.
My favorite kind of sportMy favorite sport. My favorite sport is volleyball, because it is easier than other sports that is in Kazakhstan. Here you need to stand and take the ball with your hands. No need to run a lot. And just wave your hands. In general, I liked this sport from everyone.RelationshipsRelations. I have the simplest relationship with people for me. I speak with those who are interesting to me, and rarely common with people whom I am not interested in. The same is the same for studying, but I am not embarrassed to ask others to ask.ShoppingI love shopping. I am interested in studying the store and buying an interesting thing for me. After the purchase, I am very joyful to use the thing I bought.My best friendMy best friend. My best friend is Alibek. There are many friends that I would add if it was written "Friends". And so Alibek understands my thoughts and we can come up with all sorts of things together. Most of all I met this friend at school. And together we played video games.My future professionMy future profession. Work in IT sphere. To study technologies and work for money. And so there are many more works that interest me, but while I will adhere to IT.Education in the UKAcross the UK there are five stages of education: early years, primary, secondary, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Education is compulsory for all children between the ages of 5 and 16. In most cases, the education is free.Education in the USAEducation in the United States comprises three basic levels: elementary, secondary and higher education. Parents may choose whether to send their children to their local free public schools, or to private schools which charge fees. The organization and curricula of private schools and colleges are similar to those of public schools although the administration differs.Education in KazakhstanThe educational system in Kazakhstan is conducted in two languages - Kazakh and Russian and consists of several levels of state and private educational establishments: infant schools, elementary (or primary) schools, comprehensive schools, colleges and academies.My universityKaraganda University of Kazpotrebsoyuz has always corresponded and meets the requirements of the time, one of the first to introduce into practice the most advanced technologies in education. I like to study here, here everything looks interesting inside. When I first went to the university, I was very surprised by the beauty of the university.My studyMy Study. Here teachers are very serious in their work. Because of this, I want to study and not stay behind. At home, I first make lessons, do the lessons with friends. Then I will only do things.Student lifeStudent life. Student life is very fun. Many new faces. There are many opportunities to show yourself. And many more interesting things in this university. But it is more interesting to spend time with friends, and solve problems together.Study of languagesIt is sometimes very difficult to study a non -native language. But after difficulties, the best choice in life awaits me, it is to speak with people who have a different language. This is a very cool skill. After talking with people and understanding their language, I will rejoice.Education abroadEducation abroad. It is very cool. I always dreamed of studying abroad. Try their experience, and do everything possible to study there. And it will always be interesting abroad, because new opportunities to look there are always good.HealthHealth. A healthy person will always be productive in life. After all, a person will not have superfluous problems to think about his health. Therefore, I think that a person who will always take care of himself will always be joyful and live for a long time.Healthy way of lifHealthy lifestyle. This is the main rule of all time. A person who will work on his body will always look healthy. He will not have unnecessary problems, he will always be productive. And do not have bad habits, and will live happily and for a long time.At the doctorAt the doctor's. Being a doctor at least twice a year, will extend your life even longer. After all, you will know the disadvantages of your health. And quickly solve health problems. In general, going to the doctor will be a very wise decision for you.