40 terms

HMG final chapter 2

The threadlike structures in the nucleus of a cell that contain genetic material are called
A. chromosones
Human DNA is composed of a total of__ different nucleotide bases
A. 4
Genes provide the cell with a specific set of ___ instructions
B. biochemical
The average child has approximately __ genes
B. 30,000
Which is an example of your genotype?
A. Your complets set of genes
Linda has one allele for curly hair and another for straight hair. Linda's alleles are
D. heterzygous
Which statement concerning the sickle cell trait is true?
B. Individuals with the trait have both a dominant and recessive allelefor the disorder
____is Characterized by progressive degeneration of the nervous system.
A. Huntington's Disease
Which physical characteristic is most indicative of an individual with down sydrome?
B. fold of skin over the eyelid
Because of his accurate knowledge of genetics and disorders, Benson knows that his newborn son has no chance of having
A. Turner's syndrome
Jose, who was adopted at birth, is found to have personality characteristics more similar to his biological mom than to his adoptive mom. How should you interpret this data?
C. Personality charateristics are influenced by genes.
What factor would play the largest role in determining the initial reaction range for any behavior?
C. genetics
Genes and environments
A. Interact dynamically throughout development
___occurs when an individual intentionally seeks out an environmentthat matches characteristics driven by their genes
C. Niche-picking
JAck and Jill are twins, Because he is a boy, Jack's dad and mom encourage him to run. On the other hand, Jack's mom and dad discourage Jill from engaging in athletic activity. As a result, Jack is much fater at running up a hill than Jill. The difference in Jack and Jill's behavior is best explained by
A. Non shared environmental influences
Which statement is true?
A. environmental influences within a family typically make children within a family differet
Which is NOT considered part of prenatal development
C. neonatal period
Prenatal development begins
C. at conception
Which statement concerning in vitro fertilization is false?
B. About 90% of in vitro fertilization attempts are successful
Whose behavior best exemplifies eugenics
B. Dr. Jane, who allows only certain individuals to mate in an effort to build a master race.
The point at which a zygote burrows into the uterine wall is referred to as
B. Implantation
I am the structure through which a mom and an embryo exchange waste and nutrients. I am called the
D. Placenta
At five weeks after conception, a developing human is most accurately called a(n)
A. embryo
The sac in which the embryo resides is called the
B. amnion
The ____ houses the blood vessels that join the embryo and its mother
A. umbilical cord
The thick, greasy substance that covers the fetus around 5 to 6 months after conception is called
B. Vernix
Currently, the earliest "age of viability" occurs around ___ weeks after conception
B. 22
Just after the birth of her son Nelly, mom Kelly was informed that little Nelly's neural tube did not properly close during his prenatal development. This would mean that Nelly will be diagnosed with
A. Spina Bifida
What effets is not associated with fetal alcohol syndrome?
C. Blindness
Both AIDS and genital herpes
A. can be passed along to an infant as they pass through the birth canal.
As there is a history of hereditary disease in the families of Archie and Veronica, they have arranged a meeting with a specialist at which a family tree concerning the odds of them having a child with a birth defect will be constructed. This event woud most accurately be described as
D. Genetic counseling
Regan is a medical student who is learning a procedure in which a long needle is inserted into the abdomen of a pregnant woman. What technique is he most likely learning?
B. amniocentesis
Physicians are currently able to correct spina bifida at around seven to eight months before birth using
B. Fetal Surgery
The process in which defective cells in the body are replaced with cells that have had the genetic defect "repaired" is called
B. genetic engineering
postpartum depression
D. may be reduced via breast feeding
How is a physician most likely to guard against fetal hyproxia?
A. monitor the fetus' heart rate
A C-section is best thought of as
D. the surgical removal of a fetus
By definition, premature infants are born prior to __ weeks after conception
D. 36
Jamal was born 34 weeks after he was conceived and weighed 6 lbs. Jamal is best described as
B. preterm and normal birthweight
Infant mortality rate is defined as the percentage of infants who die
C. before their first birthday