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Settlements of the 13 Colonies:History Book Chapter 5

About the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies that I've been studying!!!!! :D So fun!!!!! B-) It even has a bonus question about my fun teacher who loves Pink and sheep! She is related to William Bradford!!!! How cool is that?!!
How many original colonies were there in America?
By what year were there 13 colonies in America?
What were the New England Colonies?
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.
What were the Middle Colonies?
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
What were the Southern Colonies?
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Who were a group of people that wanted to "purify" or remove all the things that they thought were bad from the Church of England?
The Puritans.
How did the King of England want people to believe and worship?
As he did.
What happened to those who disobeyed the law?
They were thrown in jail.
Who was the king of England at that time?
Charles 1.
What did the king issue?
A charter.
What year did the king issue a charter?
What did the king issue the charter for?
The formation of the Massachusetts Bay Company.
Since the charter had failed to specify that the company headquarters had to remain in England, what could the Puritans do?
The Puritans could bring the charter with them to New England and establish a self-government in America.
What was one of the Puritan's beliefs?
Everyone should have a good education.
Who was the one of the Puritans most famous leaders?
John Winthrop.
Who was the first governor?
John Winthrop.
What did the Indians call John and why?
They called him Single tongue because he was a truthful man.
In what year did Puritan men, women, and children sail on ships to New England?
About how many people were on the ships?
About how many Puritans where there in the New World after other boats came?
What was the the name of the first colony that the religious group founded?
The Massachusetts Bay Colony that Plymouth would join and it would be simply called Massachusetts.
What is the biggest town in Massachusetts?
What did increased persecution bring?
The "Great Migration" of the Puritans.
Between what years did the Puritans come to New England?
1630 to 1642.
About how many Puritans came to New England?
About how many Puritan families came to New England?
Why were some people unhappy in the colony?
Because there was religious freedom in Massachusetts for the Puritans but not for anyone else.
What is what the Puritans wished to be, Governor Winthrop's most famous words, and the Bible's words?
"a city upon a hill."
What did does Governor Winthrop's and the Bible's words and what the Puritans wished to be mean?
It means that the Puritans wanted to be an example to the world.
Once the Puritans got away from the king of England, how did they start behaving?
Just like him!
What did the Puritans found?
Harvard College.
When was the college founded?
In 1636, just six years after their arrival.
What did the college prepare young men for?
The ministry.
What did the Puritans want everyone to read for him or herself?
The Bible.
What were the Puritans the only people in the Massachusetts Colony with?
Religious and political freedom.
What did the Puritans believe that forcing people to go to their church would do?
Make them Christians.
Who was beaten with a whip for his preaching?
Obadiah Holmes.
What did the Puritans come to learn that the Pilgrims already knew?
When one man's freedom is taken away,everyone's freedom is threatened.
What is one important part of our heritage?
The Puritan Work Ethic.
What were the the beliefs of the ethic?
Man is called to work, all work has a sense of nobility, and a Christian serves God best by working diligently and faithfully in his calling.
Who was a Puritan minister in the Massachusetts Colony?
Roger Williams.
What were Roger Williams' ideas considered as?
"New and dangerous."
What were some of the minister's dangerous ideas?
He told his neighbors that it is wrong to punish people for not believing as they themselves believed.
What did the Puritans think that was right to do to the Indians since they weren't Christians?
Take their land.
What happened to the Puritan preacher because of his opinions?
He was banished from the colony.
What does the minister do after he learns of the Puritans' plans to send him back to England?
He escaped into the wilderness.
Who took care of Roger Williams until the spring?
Friendly Indians.
What did Williams name the land he bought from friendly Indians?
Roger Williams named it Providence.
Why does Roger name the land Providence?
He believed that God had directed him there.
What did Williams' colony have that others didn't?
COMPLETE religious freedom!
What did the colony of Rhode Island need?
A charter or "plan" for the colony to follow.
What happened when the king approved the charter for the formation of the Rhode Island Colony?
The colony had a legal right to exist.
How could Rhode Islanders worship God?
However they chose.
What were separate and no longer mingled with each other?
Church and state.
What was the first colony to offer complete religious freedom?
Rhode Island.
What did Roger Williams love, want, and knew?
He loved religious freedom, wanted everyone to be free to accept Christ by faith alone, and knew God's truth about spiritual matters can stand alone without being forced by a government.
Where was the first Baptist church in America founded?
In Rhode Island.
What were men originally hired to do in the New World?
Fish and cut down trees for lumber.
Who was the land given to?
John Mason.
What was John Mason's "job"?
He was an English explorer.
What did the English explorer name the land given to him?
New Hampshire after where he lived in England.
Who made New Hampshire part of Massachusetts?
The Puritans.
When was New Hampshire made part of Massachusetts?
In the early 1640s.
Later, who decided to make New Hampshire a separate colony?
The king of England.
Who appeared to the colonists to invite them to come live on their land?
Native Americans.
Where did the Native Americans appear to the colonist?
In Plymouth.
Why did the Native Americans really ask the colonists to come?
The colonists' guns scared the Native Americans' enemies.
What does Quinnehtukqut mean?
"On or beside the long tidal river."
Who was a Puritan preacher from the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
Thomas Hooker.
What did Thomas Hooker and his men build?
About how many people did the pastor bring?
About 100.
What kind of people did the preacher Hint Hint!!! bring?
His church members!
What was the first major settlement in Connecticut?
What were the ideas in the preacher's sermon?
That the people should control the government rather than the government ruling the people and said people should have the right to elect the officials who run the government.
What did Connecticut put the ideas, in the preacher's sermon, into?
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the document for their government.
What year was Mrs. Willard's house that she lived in, beside the Connecticut River, built?
In 1695.
What did Mrs. Willard's family raise?
What was Mrs. Willard's favorite lamb?Hint:1 Samuel 4:21; a person from the Bible
How many countries claimed to own New York?
Who were the people that claimed New York?
The Dutch, French, and English.
Who are the people who live in The Netherlands?
The Dutch.
What is The Netherlands also called?
Who were the first people to claim New York?
The Dutch.
Who did the Dutch send to find a shortcut to Asia?
Henry Hudson.
Instead, what did they find?
They found a land rich in beaver.
What part of New York did the Dutch claim?
They claimed the land that is now the southern part of New York.
Who did the French send to explore the New World?
Samuel De Champlain.
Where did Samuel De Champlain sail down from?
What part of New York did the French man explore?
They explored what is now the northern part of New York.
Who also claimed New York?
England because in 1497, John Cabot claimed all of North America for them.
Even though all three countries claimed New York, who bought it from the Indians?
The Dutch.
What did the Dutch name the village that they built?
Fort Orange.
What did the Dutch buy from the Indians?
Manhattan Island.
For about how much did Dutch pay the Indians for the land?
What would now be $24.
What did the Dutch do at Manhattan Island?
They built a village there.
What did the Dutch name Manhattan Island?
New Amsterdam.
What did the Dutch name the whole colony?
New Netherlands.
What did the governor of the New Sweden colony refuse to do?
Surrender to the British.
What did New Amsterdam become?
New York City.
What did New Netherlands become?
New York.
Who began the first successful settlement in Delaware?
The Swedish.
How many ships of Swedish people began the first successful settlement in Delaware?
2 ships.
What did the Swedish name their settlement?
New Sweden.
What did the Swedish introduce to America?
The log cabin.
Where did the Swedish learn to build log cabins?
In the forests where they were from.
What would log cabins later be?
A lasting symbol of frontier life in America.
Who took over all of New Sweden?
The Dutch.
When did the Dutch take over all of New Sweden?
In 1655.
How long did the Dutch keep New Sweden?
For ten years.
Who took New Sweden away from the Dutch?
The English.
Who began the first permanent settlement in New Jersey?
The Dutch.
In what year did the Dutch begin the first permanent settlement?
In 1660.
Who originally claimed New Jersey as part of New Netherlands?
The Dutch.
Who considered the Dutch a threat to the colonies?
The English.
Who did the king of England give New Jersey and New York or New Netherlands to?
His brother, the duke of York.
Who did the duke of York give New Jersey to?
His friends.
Who offered to sell New Jersey at low prices to the colonist and also offered any colonist freedom of religion?
The Duke's friends.
Who began the first settlement in Pennsylvania?
The Swedish.
In what year did the Swedish begin the first settlement in Pennsylvania?
In 1643.
What was the first settlement in Delaware later named?
What did England not offer?
Freedom of religion.
How was Pennsylvania founded as?
A haven religious freedom.
Who was a group that's beliefs seemed so strange to others that they were not even welcome in the new American colonies?
Quakers or Friends.
What were some of the Quakers' beliefs?
One person was not more important than another and they did not believe in any kind of fighting.
Since the Quakers believed that one person was not more important than another, what would they not do?
They wouldn't take of their hat for someone or bow to the king.
Whose father was an admirable in the British navy and received land from the king of England to repay a debt?
William Penn.
What could the king of England do when he gave William Penn land for Quakers?
He could easily repay a debt and rid England of troublesome Quakers.
What did the king of England name the land?
Who did the king of England name the land for?
William Penn's father.
What did William Penn name the city he was making?
What does Philadelphia mean?
"The city of brotherly love."
What is the largest city in the colonies?
Who did the colonists decide to elect?
Representatives, men chosen by the people to make decisions for them.
What were the representatives called?
The House of Burgesses.
Who was a friend of the king's that asked for land in the new world?
Lord Baltimore.
What religious group did Lord Baltimore want to worship?
The Catholics.
Which country had a hard time establishing colonies in Virginia?
What was the date that the House of Burgesses met for the first time?
July 30, 1619.
What would Virginia's new government do?
Set an example for the future government of the nation.
Who was a Catholic?
Lord Baltimore.
What did Lord Baltimore ask for?
Land in America to start a colony.
What happened when plans were still being made for the new colony in America?
Lord Baltimore died.
What were the passengers on the ship going to the new colony in America coming for?
Religious freedom.
What was the first settlement in Maryland called?
St. Mary's.
Why was the first settlement in Maryland important?
It showed that American Catholics would be able to worship freely.
As time went on, what happened to Carolana?
The king divided the land into two parts, North Carolina and South Carolina.
Where did settlers from North Carolina come from?
Virginia, not across the ocean.
What was South Carolina's first permanent settlement?
Charles Town.
What did the king divide the land into?
North and South Carolina.
What grew very well in South Carolina?
Indigo, rice, and cotton.
What did the colonist grow indigo, rice, and cotton on?
Large farms called plantations.
What is indigo?
A valuable blue dye.
What did the plantation owners start doing?
Buying slaves from Africa to do their work.
What did North Carolina not do?
Grow as quickly as South Carolina.
What were the people in North Carolina mostly?
Poor and lived simple, hard-working lives.
What were there fewer in North Carolina?
What was England trying to do?
Make a thirteenth colony.
What happen if a person was too poor to pay his bills?
He was put in jail.
What were English prisons?
Dreadful and hopeless places.
What did James Oglethorpe do?
He helped release people from the prisons.
What will happen if England doesn't settle the land between South Carolina and Florida?
Spain will!
What was the new colony called?
Georgia, in honor of King George II.
What was the first settlement in Georgia called?
Who started the first orphanage in America near Savannah?
George Whitefield, the great preacher of colonial America.
How long did it take for all the colonies to form?
125 years.
What were important ideas from the colonies?
Freedom of religion and separation of church and state.