Formulas: Tonify Qi

Si Jun Zi Tang at a glance
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+Chen Pi = Yi Gong San, for SP Qi xu and abdominal distension/fullness (SP Qi stag)

+Chen Pi, Ban Xia = Liu Jun Zi Tang, for SP Qi Xu and Phlegm-Damp

+Chen Pi, Ban Xia, Xiang Fu (mu xiang + sha ren) = Xiang Sha LJZT, for SP Qi Xu with Cold-Damp stag in MJ

+Chen Pi, Hou Po, Sha Ren for morning sickness

+Suan Zao Ren for palpitations and insomnia

+Xiang Fu, Hou Po for indigestion, low appetite, abdominal distension, weight loss
A: Tonifies Qi, strengthens SP, leaches out Damp, stops diarrhea

I: SP Qi xu leading to Damp; LU & SP Qi xu with accumulation of Phlegm leading to Damp

1) SP Qi xu with Damp: loose stools/diarrhea, reduced appetite, weak extremities, weight loss, distension/stifled chest/epigastrium, pallid and wan complexion, vomiting

T: pale + thin white coat
P: thin, moderate or deficient, moderate

2) LU & SP Qi Xu with Phlegm Damp: coughing up copious amounts of white sputum

P: thin, slippery
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San ingredientsC = Si Jun Zi Tang, each at 1Kg D = Shan Yao @1Kg D = (Chao) Bian Dou @750g D = Lian Zi @500g D = Yi Yi Ren @500g A = Sha Ren @500g E = (Chao) Jie Geng @500gShen Ling Bai Zhu San mods+Chen Pi, Ban Xia, Xing Ren for copious, watery sputum; generalized weakness, stifled chest --facilitate flow of qi through chest, dry damp, direct rebellious qi downwardMain symptoms for Shen Ling Bai Zhu San=Diarrhea (cold damp type) =Greasy, slippery tongue coating =Weak and mild, slippery pulse =Poor appetite, weight loss Major fx: strengthen Qi, drain Damp (spleen can't t/t)Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang at a glanceA: Tonifies MJ, tonifies Qi, raises Yang, lifts what has sunken I: SP/ST Xu or Qi xu fever and MJ Sinking S/S: 1) SP/ST Deficiency: dizziness, unsteadiness, impaired or unclear vision, deafness, tinnitus, SOB, laconic speech, weak voice, shiny pale complexion, reduced food intake, loose stools T: pale P: frail 2) Qi Deficiency Fever: intermittent fever worse with exertion, spontaneous sweating, aversion to cold, thirst for warm drinks T: pale, swollen P: large, forceless 3) MJ Qi Sinking: hemorrhoids, rectal/uterine prolapse, internal organ prolapse, chronic diarrhea or dysentery, irregular uterine bleeding, reduced food, loose stools T: pale P: deficient, soft ONLY for prolapse d/t QI XU; don't use for yin xu signsBu Zhong Yi Qi Tang ingredientsC = Huang Qi @3g (12-24g) D = Ren Shen @0.9g (9-12g) D = Bai Zhu @0.9g (9-12g) D = ZGC @1.5g (3-6g) A = Dang Gui @6g (6-12g) A = Chen Pi @0.9g (6-9g) E = Sheng Ma @0.9g (3-6g) E = Chai Hu @0.9g (3-6g)Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang mods+Man Jin Zi, Chuan Xiong, Xi Xin for HA (qi xu type: intermittent, worse with exertion, empty/hollow) +Qiang Huo, Fang Feng to release exterior wind Increase Dang Gui for blood deficiency (nourish) +Qing Hao, Yin Chai Hu for Qi & Yin xu Heat signs +Wu Wei Zi, Kuan Dong Hua for chronic asthma/cough d/t LU & SP Qi XuComparison: Si Jun Zi Tang vs. Shen Ling Bai Zhu Tang & Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang =severe spleen qi xu + dampness (SLBZT) or sinking (BZYQT) depending on patient's constitutionYu Ping Feng San at a glanceA: Tonifies Qi, stabilizes exterior, stops sweating I: Wei Qi xu causing sweating (immune-boost, cold/flu prevention) S/S: aversion to drafts, spontaneous sweating, recurrent colds, shiny pale complexion T: pale + white coat P: floating, deficient, and soft --Contra: NOT for excess patternsYu Ping Feng San ingredientsC = (Mi Zhi) Huang Qi @60g D = Bai Zhu @60g A = Fang Feng @30gPairs in Yu Ping Feng SanHuang Qi + Fang Feng: guide energy to surface, guide Bai Zhu to strengthen Wei Qi Bai Zhu strengthens Earth to benefit Metal, indirectly supporting the lungYu Ping Feng San mods+Cang Er Zi San for rhinitis d/t LU Qi xu with severe congestion +Liu Jun Zi Tang for asthma d/t LU & SP Qi xuSheng Mai San at a glanceA: Tonifies Qi, generates Fluids, preserves Yin, stop excessive sweating I: LU Qi & Yin xu or profuse sweat d/t Summerheat or Heat stroke S/S: 1) chronic cough with profuse sputum that's hard to cough up, SOB, spontaneous sweating, dry mouth and tongue T: pale, red + dry, thin coat P: deficient, rapid or thin 2) Tendency to curl up, SOB, laconic speech after profuse sweating P: deficient, rapid Use with EXTREME CAUTION in cases with high fever or unresolved EPF - can prolong diseaseSheng Mai San ingredientsC = Ren Shen @1.5g (9-15g) D = Mai Men Dong @1.5g (9-12g) A = Wu Wei Zi @3-6g (7 seeds)Sheng Mai San modsSub Xi Yang Shen for Ren Shen Increase Mai Men Dong for more Yin xu s/sSheng = ? Mai = ?Sheng = generate, recover, restore Mai = pulse Fx: generate the pulse (Yin & Qi xu), pulse is weak, soft, thin Biomed: HT disease, palps, irreg heartbeat, tight/full chest