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Human Body major functions

skeletal system
works with muscles to allow movement, supports and shapes body and protects major organs. also, makes blood cells and stores minerals
muscular system
enables body to move; allows heart to pump to circulate blood and moves food through the digestive system
circulatory system
carries needed materials (food and oxygen) to body cells, carries wastes away from body cells; helps fight disease and infections
respiratory system
takes oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide
digestive system
takes in food, breaks it down (digestion) and absorbs needed nutrients
nervous system
controls most body functions, including sense by carrying information between the brain and body
reproductive system
produces sex ells and hormones that control male and female characteristics; produces offspring
endocrine system
controls and regulates many body processes with chemicals (hormones)... growth, development, metabolism
excretory system
removes waste products from the body... urine, feces, carbon dioxide, sweat, bile, worn out cells
immune system
fights disease and infection
epithelial (Integumentary) system
protects the body, keeps water inside and helps regulate body temperature