COMM Theory Exam 2

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Which of the following limitations of CMC compared to FTF is considered the "fatal flaw" for why it is a poor medium for developing personal relationships?
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Of the different functions, the one that is critical for groups to fulfill in their decision-making process to ensure a high likelihood of making a high-quality decision is:Evaluation of negative consequences for alternativesInteraction that group members use to help the group back on track to fulfilling the four functions of group decision-making is called:Counteractive communicationThe telling and retelling of stories by employees to new members to an organization is an example of this type of organizational cultural performance:Social performanceA co-worker is telling a _____ story when she warns that the male boss is usually "very friendly" with new female employees at company socialsCollegialThe content that makes up a "chained out" fantasy among a group of individuals is better known as a:Fantasy theme- share the story to peopleIn sharing rhetorical visions among Harry Potter fans, the portrayal of Professor Snape as a hero rather than a villain reflects this structural element:Dramatis personae- description of the characters