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The Stone

Who is the author of The Stone?
Lloyd Alexander
What is a moral lesson?
A lesson about the right and wrong way to behave
What is the moral lesson of this story?
1.You have to work to get what you want.
2. People have to grow old to have things to look forward to.
What is the genre of this story?
Fairy tale
Who are the main characters?
Maibon, Modrona (wife), Doli (dwarf)
What did Maibon consider to be the worst fate in the world?
To grow old- to have your bones creaking, dim eyes and dull wits.
What does Modrona mean when she tells Maibon to stop borrowing trouble?
Stop worrying about growing old when there is work to be done. He should be worrying about harvesting the crops for the family.
What happens when Maibon first sees the dwarf?
The dwarf's foot is stuck so he can't move. He holds his breath to try to make himself invisible.
If Maibon helps Doli, what will Doli do for him?
Grant him a wish
What did Maibon wish for?
A magic stone that can keep him young forever.
How did Modrona react to Maibon's wish?
She was angry. She thought he was foolish and selfish because he didn't ask for treasure or jackets for the children.
Why did Maibon start to think the stone was just a common field stone?
He felt exactly the same as he did that morning- nothing had changed. He threw the stone in the fireplace thinking that the dwarf had cheated him.
Maibon wakes up and realizes that his beard hasn't grown and begins to think the dwarf didn't cheat him. He tells Modrona but she is still upset. Why?
She is upset because the eggs haven't hatched, the cow has not calved, the wheat has not sprouted and the apple tree isn't producing any fruit.
Why did Maibon throw the stone out the second time?
He threw it out the window because Modrone was nagging him to get rid of it. She thought that all of the problems they were having on the farm were because of that stone.
What happens every time Maibon tries to get rid of the stone?
It mysteriously comes back.
What does Modrona think the stone is doing to the baby?
Keeping the baby's tooth from coming in and making him miserable.
Describe the different ways Maibon tried to get rid of the stone.
1. Threw it in the fireplace
2. Threw it out the cottage window
3. Buried it in a hole
4. Threw it down a well
What conflict does Maibon have about getting rid of the stone?
He wants to keep the stone because it will keep him young forever, but his wife is nagging him to get rid of it. She thinks he is being selfish and that the stone is causing all of their misfortune.
What is Maibon's "moment of truth"?
He realizes that nothing is moving as it should and he can't tell one day from another. There is nothing to look forward to and nothing to show for his work. He was feeling bad for the toothless baby and everything on the farm.
After his "moment of truth", what does Maibon try to do?
He tries to smash the stone with a mallet. When this doesn't work he tries to bury it again. Before he can bury it he runs into the dwarf and yells at him for tricking him.
Why did he dwarf tell Maibon he hasn't been able to get rid of the stone?
He said in the back of his mind and the bottom of his heart he really didn't want to give it up. He didn't want to change along with the rest of the world and as long as he feels that way, the stone is his.
What happens when Maibon throws the stone away for the last time?
It doesn't come back because this time he truly wants to get rid of it and is fine with growing old.
At the instant he throws the stone away for the last time, what happens?
The field was covered in wheat, the apple tree filled with fruit, the hen hatched her chicks, the cow bore her calf and the baby got his first tooth.
What does Maibon mean when he says "stones are all right in their way, but the trouble with them is they don't grow"?
He means that changing can be exciting and staying the same can be boring
What is the plot of this story?
Young, sturdy Maibon stops to help a pitiful old man. It makes him realize he doesn't want to get old. He meets a dwarf who grants him a wish, so he wishes to never grow older. He doesn't change, and nothing around him changes. He realizes that life is boring when nothing changes and he would rather grow old.
What is the setting?
A cottage on a farm, in the past.