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terms and information covered in chapter 1. Focus on properties and changes.

The smallest part of a compound that still has the physical and chemical properties of the compound is a(n) __________________.


A change of _____________________, such as a liquid changing to a gas, is an example of a physical change.


Both living and non-living things are composed of matter. Most matter can be broken down by _____________ reactions into basic units called elements.

chemical reactions

What is the smallest particle in an element that still has the same chemical properties?


What are the indicators that a chemical change took place? ( hint: there are 5)

temperature change, fizzing/bubbling, noise or sound produced, odor, color change

Examples of chemical change

rusting, burning, baking a cake

Example of physical change

boiling, melting, change of state

Chemical properties

oxidizes in air, flammable

Physical properties

color, smell, density, melting, boiling point

A change in physical property of matter is an indicator that

a physical or a chemical change took place

All matter is made up of



make one substance different from another

Water at the temperature of 100 degrees C

is beginning to change to a gaseous state.

density is measured

grams per cubic milliliter

Mass expands, density


The best indicator that a chemical change occurred

the composition of a substance changed

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