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networking chapter 2
Semantics is what a message means; syntax is how a message is organized.
Distinguish between syntax and semantics.
The simple message ordering: client sends request, and then server sends response.
Describe the simple message ordering in HTTP.
a header, a data field, and a trailer
What are the three general parts of messages?
the content being delivered by a message
What does the data field contain?
Is there always a data field in a message?
48 bits
How long are Ethernet MAC addresses?
What devices read Ethernet destination MAC addresses?
128 bits
How long is an IPv6 address?
Three way handshake; syn, syn/ack, ack
What does TCP use to open a connection?
Protocol data units
What does PDU stand for?
Layer 2; datalink
Which layer has a header and a trailer?
As a packet gets encapsulated does it get bigger or smaller.
Source and destination MAC address
What are the major header fields for an Ethernet frame?
Source and destination IP address
What are the major header fields for an IP packet?
Sequence number, acknowledgement number, source and destination port numbers
What are the major header fields for a TCP segment?
Source and destination port numbers
What are the major header fields for a UDP datagram?
Which port is used for SMTP (e-mail)?
Which port is used for HTTP (web server)?
20 or 21
Which port is used for FTP?
Data link
At which layer would Ethernet standard be used?
At which layer would the IP standard be used?
At which layer would the transmission control protocol (TCP) standard be used?
At which layer would the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) standard be used?
At which layer would the HTTP standard be used?
Data field
As a message is encapsulated from the application layer to the transport layer, in which field in the transport layer is the message from the application layer placed?
What is the TCP PDU called?
What is the UDP PDU called?
At layer 3, what is the PDU called?
At layer 2, what is the PDU called?
At layer 1, what is the PDU called?
Reliable and connection oriented
What type of communication does TCP have (connection/reliability)?
Unreliable and connectionless
What type of communication does UDP have (connection/reliability)?
Network standards
Rules of operation that govern the exchange of messages between two hardware or software processes.
What a message means
How a message is organized
Connections with distinct openings and closings
Detects and corrects errors
Network reliability
Repeater or hubs (uncommon)
Layer 1 typical device
Switches or bridges
Layer 2 typical device
Routers; layer 3 switches
Layer 3 typical device
Layer 4 switches
Layer 4 typical devices
Client and server hosts
Layer 7 typical devices
Application programs
What are a server's port numbers associated with?
7 bits
If you need to represent 128 alternatives in a field, how many bits long must the field be?
Placing a message in the data field of another message
What is encapsulation
What is the standards agency for TCP/IP?
11 bits
You need to represent 1,026 different city names. How many bits will this take if you give each city a different binary number?
In HTTP, can the server transmit if it has not received a request message from the client?
What kind of message does the destination host send if it does not receive a segment during a TCP connection?
Host A sends SYN; Host B sends SYN/ACK; Host A sends ACK
Describe the three-way handshake in TCP connection openings.
What kind of message does the destination host send if it does it receive a segment that has an error during a TCP connection?
If it does not receive and ACK message from the destination host
Under what conditions will a source host TCP process retransmit a segment?
The receiver would discard the frame.
If the receiver detects an error on the basis of the value in the Frame Check Sequence field, what does it do?
What device in an internet besides the destination host reads the destination IP address?
Which layer has the most standards?
Converting messages into bits at the application layer
What is encoding?
If a field is N bits long, how many alternatives can it represent?
It would discard one of the duplicated segments
How do you think TCP would handle the problem if an acknowledgement were lost, so that the sender retransmitted the unacknowledged TCP segment, therefore causing the receiving transport process to receive the same segment twice?
The destination port field of the TCP message
When the HTTP program sends an HTTP response message to a client PC, in what field of what message will it place the value 80?
FTP-file transfer protocol
SMTP-simple message transfer protocol
http-hypertext transfer protocol
List 5 application layer protocols by acronym, expanded name, and function.
The SPOT satellite tracking device shown in class assumes an underlying reliable data communications system.
How many characters can be represented by 6 bits?
What is 11111111 in base 10?
Timing (what happens when; ex. Flow control)
Semantics (what means what; ex. flags)
Syntax (what goes where; ex. Ethernet frame bits 0-16 are part of the preamble)
What three main things must communications protocols govern? Describe what each means, and give an example.
It does this so that it can apply sequence numbers to segements which are later used for error correction.
Why does TCP use a three-step handshaking protocol (also called a three-way opening) to establish connections?
The trailer is used for error detection. If there is an error, the packet is discarded.
Why does only the data link layer typically have a trailer in its protocol data unit?
This allows layer 4 to pass clean data to the application layer regardless of errors at lower levels and error correction is only done once on the two hosts which reduces how much resources are used for error correction.
Why make only layer 4 reliable?