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Matter moves through ecosystems in food chains or biogeochemical cycles

biogeochemical cycles


Organism that eats both plants and meat


Process in which water from plant leaves evaporates into the atmosphere

How does the way matter flows through an ecosystem differ from the way that energy flows?

-Energy is passed in one-way direction through the biotic (living organisms) in an ecosystem
- Matter cycles within and between biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem.


Process in which bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen gas and release it into the atmosphere

Which biogeochemical cycle does NOT involve a stage where the chemical enters the atmosphere


Limiting nutrient

Nutrient which is scare or cycles slowly that controls population growth

Give an example of a decomposer

Bacteria or fungi (break down organic material and absorb the nutrients)

Which group of organisms is always found in the first trophic level of every food chain or web?

Autotrophs or producers

Why is only about 10% of the energy in an organism transferred in a food chain?

Some is used by organism for life processes such as movement, transport, metabolism, growth, reproduction, and rest is lost as HEAT

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