Infants who display disorganized-disoriented attachment may show contradictory behaviors, such as moving toward their mother while looking away from her
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According to a study by the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development, children placed in day care may be more aggressive toward peers and adults than children who are reared in the homeTrueBy the time a child is two years of age, nine out of ten parents have engaged in some sort of psychological or emotional abuseTrueAccording to the U.S. department of health and human services, 1/4 to 1/3 of sexually abused children are boystrueIn Harlow and Harlow's comfort experiment with monkeys, they concluded that monkeys are presumably humans do not have a built-in need for contact comfortFalseIn the Harlow experiment, the infant monkeys spent most of their time clinging to the cloth mother, even though she did not offer foodTrueA smile occurs in response to a human voice or face is known as imprintingFalseAll children are born with the same temperamentFalseDeveloping fear of strangers is one symptom of autism spectrum disorderFalseA method used to assess the development of the self-concept among infants is known as:the mirror techniqueAn individual difference in style of reaction that is present early in life is known astemperamentScientific evidence shows that there is no connection between the development of autism and the use of vaccines or deficiencies in child rearingTrueWhich of the following are factors contributing to child abuse(All the above) Substance abuse, stress, unrealistic expectations of childrenEthical considerations prevent us from conduction experiments in which we randomly assign children to social deprivationTrueA scientist who studies the behavior patterns characteristic of various species is known as a ethologisttruerefusal to speak is known asmutismWhen a parent tries to foster understanding in a child about the principles behind parental demands, the parent is using an inductive methodTrueMary strongly believes that children can be raised efficiently only through physical punishments. She justifies physical punishments with sayings such as "spare the rod, spoil the child." Mary is using an authoritative method to raise her childrenFalseAuthoritarian parents value obedience for its own sakeTruepermissive-indulgent parents are easygoing and unconventionaltruesally's daughter Sherry asks her whether she can go for a sleepover; Sally replies "do whatever you want. I have work to finish. Don't bother me." In this scenario, Sally is using a ____ parenting stylerejecting-neglectingdramatic play is not advised for children of less than 3 years of ageFalseParallel play is a form of social playtrueprosocial behavior, also know as altruism, is intended to benefit another with expectation of rewardtruewhich of the following is true of aggression in childrenaggressive children are often found to be lacking empathy and the ability to see things from the perspective of other people`a 3 year old goes to preschool. during a party, he points towards and identifies his parents, teenage brother, and aunt. When asked who he is, he replies that he is the baby. In this scenario, he is displaying self-masteryFalseWhich of the following is true of emotional development in early childhood?children become increasingly capable of self-regulationFear of social disapproval is the most common fear among preschoolersFalseMales are relatively more likely than females to act aggressively after playing violent video games and are more likely to see the world as a hostile placeTrueChildren who are physically punished are more likely to be aggressive than other childrenTrueCompared to later born children, first born children are less adult-orientedFalsethe classic study of aggression by Dandudra and his colleagues showed people attackingA bobo dollAccording to Piaget, the first type of play is functional playTrueAccording to Erikson, early childhood is the stage ofInitiative vs. guiltGirls report an overall higher level of both anxiety and fears than boysTrueStereotypical traits often associated with females include such words as(all of the above) prudish, fearful, talkativeAt around age six or seven, most children develop the concept of gender stabilityFalseThe concept that one's gender remains the same despite changes in appearance or behavior is know as gender constancyTrueAccording to the gender-schema theory, once children come to see themselves as female or male, they begin to seek information concerning gender-typed traits and try to live up to themtruethere is no scientific evidence that violence in the media contributes to aggressionFalseFirst born children are more highly motivated to achieve than later born childrentrueAccording to Freud, during middle childhood, sexual feelings remain repressedTrueErik Erikson, like Frued, saw the major developmental task of middle childhood as the acquisition of cognitive and social skillsTrueIn middle childhood, mothers' interactions with children continue to revolve around caregiving, whereas fathers' interactions are relatively more involved in recreational activitiesTrueChildren's self-esteem in middle childhood rises, then declinesFalseThe likelihood that the children of lesbian or gay parents will have a lesbian or gay sexual orientation is about 50-50FalsePermissive parenting contributes to high self-esteem in a childFalsematernal employment increases the likelihood that children will become delinquentFalseIn middle childhood, popular children tend to be attractive and relatively mature for their ageTruesome textbooks still stereotype or ignore women, portraying males as the movers and shakers in the worldtrueit is better for children with school phobia to remain at home until the origins of the problem are uncovered and resolvedfalsewhen talking to a child about a divorce, it is helpful to wait until the last minutefalsebullies are more likely to have conduct disorderstruelearned helplessness refers to an acquired belief that one is unable to control one's environmenttrueresearch studies on maternal employment have shown that daughters of employed women are more achievement-orientedtrueWhich of the following is a similarity between the role of parents and that of peers as socialization influences?both can help children learn impulses they can safely expressAccording to Robert Selman's stages in children's changing concepts of friendship, a child is in the _______ stage when he or she remains egocentric.momentary physical interactionWhich of the following is a negative aspect of schools?They can cause other children to ridicule or resent those who do too well or not well enoughEleven-year-old Susan is severely depressed ad wants to commit suicide because she constantly receives threatening emails from anonymous sources. She is also intimidated by several text messages and unwanted posts on her social networking page. Susan is a victim of _______.cyber bullyingLearning disorders are disorders marked by persistent breaking of the rules and violations of the rights of othersfalseChildhood depression is masked by conduct disorders and physical complaints.trueResearch finds that children with depression tent to "underutilize" the neurotransmitter ________, which provides a neurological basis for the condition.serotoninSam fails a math test. He cites the tough test as a reason for failing instead of his lack of preparation. Sam's interpretation of his failure is an example of __________.External attributionChildren with Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) complain of nightmares and tend to throw tantrumsTrueTeachers who expect more from students often get more. This is an example of self-fulfilling prophecy.TrueErikson labeled the life crisis of middle childhood as industry versus inferiority.True