Nature vs. Nurture Multiple Choice Quiz

_______________ are develop from separate eggs, but share the same gestational environment.

- fraternal twins
- identical twins
- same sex siblings
- opposite sex siblings
- cousins
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____________ are the threadlike structures found in the nucleus of cells. - Genomes - Schemas - Chromosomes - Hormones - Synapses- Chromosomes Chromosomes are threadlike structures containing most of the DNA of a living organism.Traditions, attitudes, values, symbols, and ways of living that are shared by a group and pasted onto subsequent generations is called: - nature. - temperament. - gender schemas. - collectivism. - culture.- culture. Culture dictates our actions, values, thoughts, beliefs and symbols and we generally do not question them.In a study comparing the richness or stimulation of an environment in rats. Those with a more stimulating environment were shown to have more: - movements. - schemas. - genomes. - sex hormones. - synapses.- synapses. Synapses and neural connections are created in response to environmental stimulation. The more they are used the stronger they become.Which of the following is NOT a trait of collectivist cultures? - social interdependence - emphasis on family and work goals - emphasis on individual goals - maintaining social harmony - giving priority to group goals over individual- emphasis on individual goals Collectivist cultures emphasize social harmony and group goals over individual ones. Cultures such as Korea, Japan, and China are considered collectivist.Giving priority to one's goals over a groups is an example of: - gender identity - individualism - gender typing - natural selection - collectivisim- individualismExpectations of the proper behavior of a male or female. - DNA - aggression - gender identity - norms - gender role- gender roleIn collectivist societies the importance of __________________ is emphasized. - innovation and creativity - personal convictions - social harmony - personal privacy - racial diversity- social harmony Social harmony is considered important in collectivist societies. Collectivist cultures stress the importance of moving forward a culture over an individual.The study of the power and limits of genetics and environmental influences on behavior is called: - natural selection - evolutionary psychology - behavior genetics - heritability - molecular genetics- behavior genetics Behavior genetics is the study of genetic and environmental influences on behavior.Identical twins who share the same prenatal environment also share the same: - placenta. - gender schemas. - norms. - reproductive capacity. - predispositions.- placenta. A placenta is the organ that a developing fetus gains nourishment from the mother and also by which waste is eliminated. Identical twins who share a placenta are sharing not only DNA but also the prenatal environment.Which of the following creates external male sex organs during development? - memes - gender-typing - testosterone - chromosomes - the X chromosome- testosterone Testosterone is the male hormone.Sally is a very busy child. She tends to be restless and cannot focus on more than one task at a time. Her sister Elda on the other hand is laid back and easy going. She can spend hours drawing or reading a book. Which of the following do the two sisters most clearly differ in? - introversion level - physical health - intelligence - gender schemas - temperament- temperament Temperament is a person or animals nature and how it affects their behavior. The sisters clearly differ in temperament.If a pair of identical twins are separated at birth and raised apart it is likely that they will share similar: - religious beliefs. - temperaments. - norms. - food preferences. - gender schemas.- temperaments. The common estimate is around 40-45% of our temperaments are due to genetic factors.Chemical factors that determine traits are: - DNA - norms - genes - chromosomes - genomes- genesWhich of the following are adoptive parents most likely to influence in their adoptive children? - temperament - gender identity - political attitudes - extraversion - adult height- political attitudes Political attitudes are generally influenced by the environment in which one is raised._________________ are all the genetic material in an organism. - genomes - genes - DNA - soma - testosterone- genomes