Puntos de Partida- Irregulares en la forma de yo

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haceshe does, makeshacemoswe makehacéisyou all makehacenthey makeoigoi hearoyesyou hearoyehe hearsoímoswe hearoísyou all hearoyenthey hearpongoI putponesyou putponehe putsponemoswe putponéisyou all putponenthey putsalgoI leave/go outsalesyou leave, go outsalehe leaves, goes outsalimoswe leave, go outsalísyou all leave, go outsalenthey leave, go outtengoi havetienesyou havetieneshe hastenemoswe havetenéisyou all havetienenthey havetraigoi bringtraesyou bringtraehe bringstraemoswe bringtraéisyou all bringtraenthey bringvengoi comevienesyou comevienehe comesvenimoswe comevenísyou all comevienenthey comeveoi seevesyou seevehe seesvemoswe seeveisyou all seeventhey see

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