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Prosecutor increases the number of countsEach of the following may be utilized during plea bargaining to elicit a guilt plea exceptEighth AmendmentWhich of the following amendments prohibits excessive bail?Meat eaterThe term used to describe police officers who aggressively misuse power for personal gain, perhaps by demanding bribes, threatening legal action or cooperating with criminalsThe Exclusionary RuleAll evidence obtained by unreasonable searches and seizures is inadmissible in criminals trails; this right or freedom is granted through90 percentWhat percentage of criminal convictions are the result of successfully negotiated plea bargains?The Rodney King trailWhich of the following incidents demonstrated the reality that as late as the 1990s, police community relations still needed significant improvementThe offenders social classWhich of the following factors does not constitute a legitimate, legal factor that affects the imposition of a sentenceGideon v. WainwrightWhich of the following Supreme Court cases famously ruled that states must provide to indigent defendants in felony prosecutionsRules should never be bentEach of the following constitutes a core belief of the police culture exceptSixth, Fifth and Fourteenth amendmentsThis combination of rights/amendments provide defendants with counsel by the state in all types of criminal proceedingsProbationThis type of community sentence is the most widely used correctional mechanism within the United States; it entails the release of an offender, without a jail term, into the community under the supervision of law enforcement and the courtDouble marginalityWhich term most appropriately describes the situation wherein an African American police officer is a member of both a minority group and the law enforcement institution (like Officer Judy Hops from Zootopia)?U.S. District CourtsThis/These court(s) are the trail courts of the federal systemExtensive training and preparationEach of the following factors is related to the use of deadly force (e.g. police shootings) except:Is not scaled in severity to the seriousness of the crime thus ensuring fairness in applicationEach of the following constitutes an advantage of intermediate sanctioning exceptIncarcerationOf the following which is not an intermediate sanctionDivides police officers from societyEach of the following constitutes a PRO of the police culture exceptGraham v. ConnorWhich of the following Supreme Court cases ruled that issues relating to deadly force must be judged from the standpoint of a reasonable officer. For instance, if an officer was approached in a threatening manner by an assailant wiedling a knife.... and the assailant failed to stop when warned and was killed by the other officer.... and it turned out that the assailant was deaf. The officer would not be held liable if he had no way o knowing about the disability according to this Supreme Court caseProsecutionIn the American trail system, this side presents its opening statement firstTrueWithin the American system of justice, the burden of proof in a trail falls upon the Prosecution1970sMore women and minorities began to be recruited to police forces during what decade?Truth-in sentencingWhich of the following best described as, "requires offenders to serve a substantial portion of their prison sentence behind bars; at least 85 percent."FBISince September 11, 2021, which federal law enforcement agency is considered the main investigative agency for terrorism?Public defenderOf the following, which is best described by, "an attorney employed at no cost to the accused, provided by the government, representing indigents accused of a crime."TrueIt is estimated that 60 percent of probationers successfully complete their probationary sentenceThe Fifth AmendmentThe right to be free from self-incrimination is granted throughSecrecy and insulation from others in society that is a consequence of the cynicism and clannishness of the police subcultureThe term Blue Curtain best describesPhysical measurements such as height and upper body strengthCourts have supported the addition of women to the occupation of law enforcement by striking down certain entrance requirements that eliminated almost all female candidates but could not be proven to predict job performance; such requirements that have been stricken down include:CaliforniaThis state is notorious for its strict Three Strikes LawFalsePrivate police or private security officers are subject to the same legal constraints as public police or public security officers13 yearsIf an offender is charged with two crimes (one crime receives a three year sentence, the other receives a 10 year sentence) and is mandated to a consecutive sentence, how many years will he/she serve in prison?direct; crossConsider the following: I am prosecution attorney that is calling my own witnesses to the stand. When I ask them questions I am conducting __________ examination; when the defense attorney asks them questions, he/she is conducting __________ examinationTennesse v. GarnerWhich of the following Supreme Court cases ruled that the use of deadly force against apparently unarmed and non-dangerous fleeing felons is an illegal seizure of their person under the 4th amendment?House arrestAs is popularly known, Martha Stewart was infamously sentenced to _______ for the financial crime of insider trading; she was required to stay within her residence and its parameters for a time set by a judgeDangerous offenders may receive lenient sentencesEach of the following is considered a "positive" of plea bargaining exceptU.S. Court of AppealsThe primary role of this/these court(s) is to analyze judicial interpretations of the law, to reflect upon the constitutional issues involved in each case they hearJury SelectionThe process of voir dire occurs at which stage pf the trail processnine; appointed for lifeThe United States Supreme Court is comprised of _______ members, each serving ________Strained relationship between a higher educated police force and a less educated publicToday about one-third of law enforcement agencies require some sort of college or university degree; consequently, higher education has been shown to benefit police officers and police agencies as demonstrated by each of the following exceptHung juryWhen a verdict cannot be reached by a jury, it is known as