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What do you call those damages awarded by the court to punish the defendant


What is awarded to a plaintiff when a defendant is found guilty of a tort


In what phase of a lawsuit is a jury selected


What do you call the criteria by which our actions in a given situation are judged competent or incompetent


Physicians have a duty of care first toward whom

their patients

What are mediation and arbitration types of

alternative disupute resolution

What do you call damages awarded by the court where the dollar value and the loss must be proved

special compensatory

What do you call damages awarded by the court so that the defendant pays for violation of rights where the dollar value need not be proved

general compensatory

What do you call the performance of a lawful act in an illegal or improper manner


Damages may be collected by a deceased's beneficiaries under what statute when a patient's death is judged due to negligence

wrongful death

In what phase of a lawsuit is a deposition taken

pretrial discovery

What is a means of establishing a standard of care in a trial

expert testimony

To prove negligence what must a plaintiff prove

duty and dereliction, direct cause and damages

What do you call the failure to act when one should


What is the performance of a totally wrongful act


A plea made for the case to be reviewed by the highter court occurs in what phase of a lawsuit


Attorneys make opening and closing statements in what phase of a lawsuit


A jury reaches a verdict in what phase of a lawsuit


We are responsible for our actions, or our failure to act under what

The reasonable person standard

What do you call information held confidential whithin a protected relationship such as physician-patient

privileged communication

What do you call those damages that recognize the wrong, but ward only a token amount


In what phase of a lawsuit are supoenas issued

pretrial discovery

As employers, what do physicians have general liability for

the practice's building and grounds; employees using their automobiles for work purposes; employee safety on the job

Healthcare practitioners may be charged with negligence under what

the standard of care for their profession

Healthcare workers are legally obligated to safeguard a patient's what


What is liability

the legal responsibility of competent adults for their own acts

The increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients led to increased concern over the ethical and legal implications concerning what


When a defendant is found guilty of a tory, the plaintiff is awarded compesation based upon what

Extent of his or her injuries; loss of incom; mental anguish

What do yo call the failure to act when someone should


What is Res ipsa loguitur also known as

doctrine of common knowledge

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