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Medical records are legal if kept on what type of media

paper, microfilm, and computer tape or disks

The health care practitioner who comes to the aid of an accident victim at the scene would NOT be liable under which defense


Under which doctrine can a claim NOT be retried between the same parties if it has already been legally resolved

res judicata

What is the power and authority given to a court to hear a case and make a judgment called


What do you cll the assertion of innocence as a defense against malpractice charges


Patients medical records are the property of whom

the owners of the facility where they were created

How do you correct an error

draw a line throught the mistake, label it as a correction, and date and initial it

What is the highest law of our country

the U.S. Constitution

As employers, physicians have general liability for what

1. the practice's building and grounds
2. employees using their automobiles for work purposes
3. employee safety on the job

What do you call the means of issuing a medical license by prior arrangement between two states


Define what a law is

a rule of conduct

We are responsible for our actions or our failure to act, under what standard

the reasonable-person standard

What is the legal basis for a patient's permission for medical treatment

doctrine of informed consent

What do you call laws enacted by state or federal legislatures


What is an example of what a physician must do under a physician-patient contract

is bound to note any allergic or adverse reactions to medications reported by the patient before treatment

What do you call to charge someone with a crime


What is awarded to a plaintiff when a defendant is found guilty of a tort


What document serves as a guideline for all employees of a medical facility, regarding professional ethics and etiquette

the office policy manual

Can patient medical records be released to a third party without written permission

should not be released to a third party without written permission

Usually when is the begining of the statutory period

the day the alleged negligent act was committed

What is the defense based upon the assumption that the patient knew of the inherent risk before treatment was performed

Assumption of risk

What are two types of alternative dispute resolution

alternate dispute resolution

What do you call the criteria by which our actions are judged competent or incompetent

satand of care

What do yo call remote consulation with physicians via telephone, close-circuit television, or the Internet


What should requests for information from insurance companies or other sources list

List the purpose for which dta will be used

What is synonym for "good manners?"


What is the law that waives consent in medical emergencies

good samaritan act

When a medical office employee acts on behalf of his or her employer, what does the act fall under

the law of agency

What must be done when one party makes an offer to another

must be communicated

Which doctrine says a suit cannot proceed if a certain time period has elapsed

statute of limitations

When a defendant is found guilty of a tort, the plaintiff is awarded compensation based upon what

1. extent of injuries
2. loss of income
3. damage to reputation

In what kind of instances, may statutes of limitations apply

1. collections
2. medical malpractice claims
3. child sexual abuse claims

Physicians have a duty of care first toward whom

their patients

What type of contract results from the conduct of the parties involved, rather than from expressed or written words

implied contract

The concept of respondeat superior is based upon what law

law of agency

What is the basis for ethical conduct, formed throught the influences of the family, culture, and society

moral values

Informed consent implies that the patient understands

1. the proposed modes of treatment
2. reasons the treatment is necessary
3. risks involved in the proposed treatment

When is consent unneccessary

in emergency situations

What practice assures that all government regulations are followed by a medical practice or insurance plan

compliance plan

What is NOT a guideline to follow that may help prevent malpractice lawsuits

always express optimism about the outcome of apatients care

What federal act established the National Practitioner Data Bank, which encourages professional peer review

Health care Quality Improvement Act

Which law allows "whistleblowers" to bring suit for fraud on behalf of the government and to share in any court-awarded damages

Federal False Claims Act

Are medical records legal documents

legal documents

Define liability

the legal responsibility of competent adults for their own acts

What is the purpose of formalized codes of ethics in the health care profession

to increase the competence and standard of care within the profession

What type of law governs certain activities between and among persons, or between persons and the government


What federal act provides for protections of health insurance coverage when qualified workers change jobs

health insurance portability and accountability act

Studying law and ethics helps youb gain perspective in which areas

1. how rising costs affect the health care industry
2. how patients are affected by legal and ethical issues
3. how advancing technology impacts patients and patient care

What do you call the practice of identifying problem practices or behaviors, then eliminating or controlling them to reduce liability risk

risk management

When do medical office personnel act as agents for their employer

1. a health maintenance organization
2. a clinic
3. a single physician

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