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connection between bones or cartilages

fibrous joint

joint that allows for minimal movement possible


a fibrous joint where two bones are united by a sheet of fibrous tissue

cartilaginous joints

slightly moveable joints


primary cartilaginous joints

primary cartilaginous joint

usually a temporary joint associated with growth

secondary cartilaginous joints

permanent, midline joints designed for strength


secondary cartilaginous joints

synovial membrane

seperates and lubricates the articular cartilages

plane joints

permit gliding or sliding on a relatively flat surface

uniaxial joints

allow movement about one axis of rotation

superficial fascia

subcutaneous loose connective tissue which unites the deepest layer of the skin (dermis) to the deep fascia below it

deep fascia

dense connective tissue which invests structure deep to superficial fascia

deep fascia

divides limbs into compartments


tapering cord-like attachment from muscle to bone


fibrous sheet-like attachment


union of muscle fibers in a tendinous line


generally moves the least and is closer to the midline


generally moves the greatest distance and is further from the midline

prime mover

principal muscle involved in an action


prime mover


muscle opposing a prime mover


compliments or assists prime movers


stabilizes a joint so movement can occur at another joint

flexor carpi ulnaris

prime flexor and adductor of the wrist

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