glossary quiz 4 (886-889)

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psalmsong or lyric poem in praise of God.punhumorous use or a word/phrase to suggest 2 or more meanings at the same timequatrainstanza or poem of 4 linesrealismattempt in literature and art to represent life as it really is, without sentimentalizing or idealizing it. depicts everyday liferefraina word, phrase, line, or group of lines that is repeated, for effect, several times in a poem, usually at the end of a stanza, builds suspenserhymerepetition of sounds in 2 or more words or phrases that appear close to each other in a poem a. internal - rhyme occurs within the line b. approximate - only final consonant sounds are identical c. rhyme scheme - pattern of rhymes in a poem d. interlocking - rhyme scheme in which an unrhymed line in one stanza forms a rhyme in the following stanza (terza rima)rhythmarrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables into a patternrising actionaction that increases tension and builds towards the climax/turning pointromanceterm used to describe medieval tale dealing with the love and adventures of kings queens knights and ladies set in an idealized world that deals with heroic adventures and battlesromanticismmovement in literature, etc in western culture 19th century, revolt against classicism. idealizes life. shows life as it should besatireholds up to ridicule or contempt weaknesses and wrongdoings of individuals, groups, institutions or humanity in generalsesteta six line poem or stanza, last 6 lines of an italian sonnetsettingtime and place in which the events in a short story, novel, play, or narrative poem occursimilecomparison between two things using like, as, than, or resemblessoliloquyan extended speech delivered by a character along onstage. the character reveals his or her innermost thoughts or feelings directly to the audience