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A health insurance plan that allows you to pay a
monthly or quarterly premium in exchange for healthcare services. HMOs require you to work with
a primary care physician who will direct your car and refer you to specialists needed. They also
require you to see doctors, hospitals, and labs within their network of providers.
A health savings account is a type of medical savings account that
allows you to save money to pay for current and futures medical expenses on a tax-free basis. In
order to be eligible for a health savings account, you must be covered by a high deductible health
plan, not have any other health insurance, and not be claimed as a dependent on another's tax return
A health insurance plan that allows you to see any doctor
at any time. In addition to a monthly or quarterly premium, a PPO typically requires you to make a
copayment for each service you receive. Copayment for in-network doctors and services are typically lower then copayments for out-of-network doctors and services.