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Sociology Test Ch. 1-4

Which best describes the culture?
Culture refers to the sets of values and ideals that we understand to define morality, good and
What is an achieved status best defined as?
A voluntary status one attains.
_________ refers to formal and systematic information, organized and coherent.
John tells vulgar jokes with his buddies all the time and he often makes up stories about his ex life that he believes are funny. However, when John is with his mother he is the exact opposite, often critical of others who make such jokes or tell such stories around his mother. What is John's behavior an example of?
Impression management
Which theorist is credited with first describing the essential characteristics of bureaucracies?
Max Weber
Jenny is performing analysis on already existing data and is performing ________ analysis.
What is most accurate about the Internet and networks?
Message boards and chat rooms allow people more creativity in playing roles than may exist in live interaction.
When a researcher wants to begin researching he needs approval from what university group?
When a person attempts to give the best performance possible, he/she is doing what type of work according to Goffman?
What theorist argued that different groups possess "cultural "?
Pierre Bourdieu
According to Durkheim which form of solidarity exists when people are interdependent, share less obvious common values, have diverse and conflicting interests, and a more complex division of labor?
What form of observation does a researcher perform if she is not involved in any way in the event being observed?
Which sociological theorist was a central figure of structural-functional analysis?
Talcott Parsons
is an organized collection of individuals and institutions.
___________ status refers to status we receive involuntarily, such as being "male" or being "female".
Christopher is planning his experiment. He will introduce change into group A and group B will not experience any change. Which group is the control group in Christopher's experiment?
Group B
What could content analysis include in its intensive reading?
Books, Magazines, newspapers, articles...
Relatively weak and informal norms are ________.
Fashions are more permanent than a ________.
What is a correlation?
A relationship between two phenomena.
__________ is a field method used most often by anthropologists when they study other cultures.
Sociology is best described as
The study of human behavior in society
____________ examines how an individual's interactions with his or her environment--other people, institutions, ideas-- help a person develop a sense of "self".
symbolic interactionism
What term did Max Weber use to identify "intersubjective understanding"?
Which best describes a hypothesis?
Predicts a relationship between two variables, independent and dependent
The vast differences that can exist between the world's many cultures are representative of what concept?
Cultural Diversity
What concept is defined as an organized collection of individuals and institutions, bounded by space in a coherent territory, subject to the same political authority, and organized through a shared set of cultural expectations and values?
What according to Robert Merton, can the functions of any institution or interactions be?
Either Manifest or Latent
Which term refers to the spreading of new ideas through a society, independent of a population movement?
Cultural diffusion
Which is NOT an example of a fad?
The Pledge of Allegiance
According to Durkheim, which form of solidarity shares a common culture and sense of morality?
Mechanical Solidarity
Cultural _______ proposes that all cultures are equally valid in the experience of their own members.
Enthnocentrism is based in what belief?
A belief that one's culture is superior to others
Which is a central component of Karl Marx's theoretical framework?
Which of the following is one of the stages that Comte believed each society passes through?
In Democracy of America, what did Alexis de Tocqueville call America?
"A nation of joiners"
A group of only two people is a ________.
Weber added the concepts of "status" and _________ to class.
___________ functions are hidden and unintended.
Which hypothesis proposes that language shapes our perceptions?
refers to any position that carries with it certain expectations, rights, and responsibilities.
What does a Likert scale measure?
Levels of agreement or disagreement with a set of offered statements on a questionnaire.
Nations that are interconnected through economic, political, cultural, and social means bringing together different groups of people all over the world are an example of ___________.
Which is not true about mores?
They are weak norms that are informally enforced.
Which theorist explained that people create a "self" through our interactions with others?
Robert Mead
Who coined the term sociology?
Auguste Comte
The American flag is a ________ because it carries an additional meaning beyond itself to others who share in the American culture.
Which of the following is an example of nonmaterial culture?