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Orientation - Chapters 1 - 4

Nail technology

Which term refers to the art and science of beautifying and improving the condition of fingers, toenails, and surrounding skin?

All are correct (flint; bone; oyster shells)

Ice Age grooming implements were made from:

The Egyptians

Who were the first people to use cosmetics to prepare the deceased for burial?


Ancient Egyptians used _____ to stain their hair and nails a rich warm red.

Egyptian & Roman

In which ancient cultures did military commanders stain their nails and lips in matching colors before important battles?

Nail tinting

Which practice was closely tied to social status during the Chou Dynasty?


In which ancient culture could commoners be put to death for wearing the royal nail colors?

All are correct (religious rites; medicinal purposes; grooming)

The ancient Greeks made lavish use of perfumes and cosmetics for:

The Greeks

Which ancient culture built elaborate baths and developed excellent methods of dressing the hair?


When preparing for battle, Greek soldiers often painted their lips and nails what color?

To their eyes

Where did ancient Greek women apply kohl?

Ground cinnabar

What did ancient Greek women apply to their lips to add color?

Food without salt

The Roman philosopher Plautus is credited with comparing a woman without cosmetics to:


If you were a noblewoman in ancient Rome, you would color your hair ______ to indicate your social status.

Both women and men

In ancient Rome, it was common for _____ to add color to their nails.

The Renaissance

Which period immediately followed the Middle Ages?

Colored preparations for the nails

During the Renaissance, people avoided:

Nail cleaners and ear scoops

Cosmetic tools uncovered from the Renaissance doubled as:

The bit them

How did Victorian women add color to their lips?


The onset of _____ led to a new prosperity in the United States, during which all forms of beauty began to follow trends.

Max Factor

The first non-caking, non-cracking makeup was marketed to movie stars by:

Emery board

In 1910, Flowery Manicure Products introduced the first modern-style _____.

Charles Revson

In 1932, who introduced the first mass-market nail lacquers?

Gloria Swanson

Who helped glamorize the first mass-market nail lacquers in the 1930s by wearing matching colors on her fingers and toes?

The 1940s

Shiny lips came into vogue for the first time in which decade?

All are correct (tube mascara; improved hair care; improved nail products)

The 1950s saw the introduction of:

The 1950s

When did hot oil manicures first become the ultimate luxury in nail and hair care?

Juliette wraps

Which of the following is credited with establishing the biweekly nail maintenance appointment?

Their clients

In the 1960s, where did the nails from nail technicians "nail banks" typically come from?

The 1970s

When were the first monomer liquid and polymer powder nail services offered by nail technicians?

Jeff Pink

Who invented the first ridge filler?

The 1990s

When did the use of spray guns to apply monomer liquid nail colors become common?

Creative Nail Design

In 1998, who introduced the first spa pedicure system to the professional beauty industry?


What color nail lacquer was extremely popular in the early 1950s?

The moon

Which part of the nail did nail technicians commonly leave free of polish in the 1950s?

The 1950s

In what decade did the weekly salon appointment become popular?

Nail lacquers

Inspired by a new opaque paint that was being produced for the automobile industry, Charles Revson introduced the first mass-market _____ in a variety of colors.

Thin strands of cotton

In the 1960s, nail technicians reaffixed detached nail tips with model airplane glue and reinforced them with what?

All are correct (Natural nail care services became very popular; UV gel systems grew in popularity; Nail polish became safer and longer-lasting)

Which of these was a notable beauty industry achievement of the twentieth century?


As we begin the twenty-first century, UV gel enhancements have become:

2 weeks

Modern nail polish formulations can now retain a lustrous finish that can last for up to:

All are correct (new ergonomic designs; better materials; enhanced workmanship)

Modern manicuring implements now incorporate:

Work under the supervision of a physican

A nail technician in a traditional salon can expect to do all BUT which of the following?

All are correct (a men's barbershop; a day spa; a full-service hair salon)

today, a nail technician can choose to work in a traditional nail salon or:

Body services

Which of these services is commonly offered by day spas, but not full-service salons?

Excellent people skills are necessary

The salon is a place where:

All are correct (mastering techniques that will help you become more organized; approaching all your work with a strong sense of responsibility; acquiring patience)

Which of these is an important life skill?


Ultimately, _____ are responsible for your learning.

Pay close attention during summary and review sessions

To get the greatest benefit from your education, it is recommended that you?

Constantly changing

The cosmetology industry is:

Trusting your ability to reach your goals

Self-esteem begins with:

All are correct (respecting others; building on your strengths; being kind to yourself)

Following which of these principles will help you along your path to success?

Have hobbies

One recommended way to keep your energy up is to:

Lack of a game plan

The three bad habits that can keep you from maintaining peak performance include procrastination, perfectionism, and:

A symptom of taking on too much

Procrastination is:

An unhealthy compulsion to do things perfectly

Perfectionism is:

All are correct (daily goals; monthly goals; yearly goals)

It is important to set:


When you are hungry, you are _____ to eat.


Which of the following blocks the creative mind from exploring ideas and discovering solutions to challenges?

Tap into your own creativity

One of the recommended ways to manage your own success is to:

Both are correct (well-thought out sense of purpose; reason for being)

To succeed in life, you need a:

One or two sentences

How long should your personal mission statement be?

Where you can see it every day

It's a good idea to keep a copy of your mission statement _____ for reinforcement.

To help you decide what you want to achieve in life

What is the primary purpose ot goal-setting?

Is goal-setting a practical way to spend my time at this point in my career?

Which of the following is NOT a key question you should ask to determine if your goal-setting plan is a good one?

Long-term and short-term

What are the two basic types of goals?

I will work my way up to salon manager.

Which of the following is an example of a long-term goal?

Have a plan and reexamine it often

The important thing to remember about goal-setting is to:

An inner organizer

Time management experts agree that all of us have:

Say "no" formly but kindly

When asked to take on more work than you can handle, it is recommended that you:

All are correct (overwhelmed; worried; feeling guilty about something)

Time management experts recommend that you give yourself some downtime whenever you are:

5 to 10

When you practice deep breathing, how many breaths does it typically take to restore your balance?

Fill every slot in your schedule with some kind of task, no matter how small.

Which of these is NOT a practice recommended by time management experts?

Focus on writing down key words and phrases

If your mind tends to wander in class, you should:

All are correct (find a quiet spot where you can study uninterrupted; make sure you have sufficient lighting; have your books, pens, paper, etc., available)

Before you begin studying, you should:

Test yourself on each section to ensure you understand

When studying, it's recommended that you:


Which term refers to the principles of character, proper conduct, and moral judgment expressed through personality, human relations skills, and profesional image?


When you make sure that your behavior and actions match your values, you maintain your:

The state board

Who sets the ethical standards for disinfection and safety that all nail technicians working in a state must follow?

All are correct (keep information that clients share private; always give clients correct information about treatments and products; are honest and courteous)

You show that you are an ethical person when you:


The ingredients of a healthy, well-developed attitude include all BUT which of the following?

Take care of yourself

To be truly helpful to others, you must remember to take time every single day to:


It is a good thing to be:


Diplomacy involves being _____, which means being straightforward, not critical.

A positive attitude

Having _____ helps you deliver your words more pleasantly.

All are correct (characteristics; attitudes; behavioral traits)

A person's personality includes inborn:


Learning how to handle a confrontation and being able to share how you feel without going overboard are indicators of:

Both are correct (empathy; acceptance)

Sensitivity is a combination of understanding and:

Acquired as a person moves through life.

Values and goals are:

Be interested in other people.

To be receptive means to:

100 percent

When your appearance and the way that you conduct yourself are in harmony with the beauty business, your chances of being successful increase by as much as:

All are correct (drinking coffee just before performing a service; wearing something that needs laundering; smoking at work)

It's a good idea to avoid:

Say nothing

Clients will generally _____ if you smell offensive.

All are correct (work as a stylist behind the chair; specialize in makeup application; provide nail services)

You must be extremely meticulous about your hygiene if you:

Your locker

Where should you keep your hygiene pack?


Which of these items should be kept in your hygiene pack?


Which of these items should NOT be kept in your hygiene pack?

Before each service

You should wash your hands:

The parking lot

If you absolutely must smoke during the workday, which of these is the best place to do so?

All are correct (brush your teeth; use mouthwash; wash your hands)

If you smoke at work, you should always _____ before servicing your next client.


As a beauty professional, it is recommended that you change your style:

Just as important as

Many salon owners and managers view appearance and poise as being _____ technical knowledge and skills.


In addition to being free of dirt, it is important that your clothes be:

Your health

You should always put _____ first in every aspect of your work.

An apron or smock

To help protect your clothes from dirt and stains, you should invest in _____ to wear at work.

After work

When should you apply perfume?

Outward appearance and conduct at work

Your professional image consists of your:

Consistant with the image of the salon

In cosmetology, a professional image is one that is:

How you would look in them while performing client services

When shopping for work clothes, you should primarily think about:

Reflect the fashions of the season

To a large degree, your clothing should:

All are correct (clean; fresh; in step with fashion)

It is generally a good idea to make sure that your clothing is:

A loose, clanky bracelet

Which of these jewelry items is LEAST appropriate for the typical salon?

Offer good support

Your shoes should:


When should you wear makeup at work?

All are correct (your physical posture; how you move your body while working; how you walk)

Your physical presentation includes:

All are correct (neck; back; shoulders)

Sitting improperly can put a great deal of stress on your:

Both are correct (strain; injury)

Stress on the body can cause:


As you work, your neck should be:

Up and out

As you work, you should keep your chest:


You should keep your back _____ as you work.

Pulled in

Your abdomen should be _____ as you work.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Which of the following is an example of a musculoskeletal disorder that is common amoung cosmetology professionals?

All are correct (hands; wrists; feet)

Busy nail technicians are susceptible to problems of the:


An understanding of _____ can help prevent stress on the body as your work.


One goal of ergonomics is to make workplace tools more:

Fit the job to the person

In general, ergonomics attempts to:

All are correct (holding your arms away from your body as you work; squeezing implements too tightly; bending forward to get closer to your client)

As you work, you should monitor yourself to see if you are:


As you work, you should hold your elbows at no more than a _____-degree angle away from your body for extended periods of time.

Held straight

As you work, your wrists should be _____ as much as possible.

Both you and the client

You should have the client reach across the table to you during a manicure because this position is ergonomically correct for:

Long periods of uninterrupted repetitive motions

As you work, you should avoid:

All are correct (sanitize your hands; freshen your breath; eliminate body odor)

Your hygiene pack will be a useful resource when you need to:

Refrain from smoking during work hours

If you smoke cigarettes, the best strategy is to:


Clients will tell, on average, _____ of their friends if you smell offensive.

"Personal hygiene"

The term _____ refers to the daily maintenance of cleanliness by practicing good sanitary habits.

All are correct (your manager; your coworkers; your clients)

To be successful as a nail technician, you need to be able to communicate effectively with:


When we feel secure, we act in a _____ manner.


People who are rude and insensitive most likely feel:

Believe in yourself

A good way to handle the ups and downs of human relations is to:

Communicate from your head and problem solve from your heart

Which of the following is NOT one of the golden rules of human relations?

Effectively sharing information between two people or groups

Communication is defined as the act of:

Genuinely friendly

When you meet a client for the first time, you need to be:

Take her/him on a quick tour of the facility

When a new client visits the salon for the first time, you should:

Before the service starts

When should you do the client consultation?

Every time the client comes to the salon

You should perform a client consultation:

An intake form

The client consultation form is also sometimes called:

The client's age

The client consultation form typically does NOT ask:


The client consultation form can best be described as a:

5 to 20 minutes

It is recommended that you set aside how much time in your schedule for the client consultation?

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