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temperate grassland located in Argentina


tropical grassland located in Colombia and Venezuela

vertical zonation

when different vegetation grows at different elevations


trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada


native group that lived in Peru and Chile


native group that built large cities with pyramids in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala


native group that lived around modern Mexico City


a person of mixed European and native ancestry


large farm or ranch similar to a plantation owned by a rich landlord


land that is jointly owned by farmers


when trees are cut down faster than they can grow back

subsistence farming

when someone grows just enough food to live

ring of fire

an area around the Pacific Ocean where many plates meet and earthquakes and volcanoes are common

cash crop

crops that are grown for export such as sugar and cotton

slash and burn

a method of farming where farmers cut down trees then burn them to fertilize the soil


a group of islands


a cowboy in Argentina

squatter settlement

areas in the city where people have illegally occupied the land and built poor houses


a type of music from Jamaica


a desert on the coast of Chile and Peru


mountains that run from Colombia to Argentina


a river that runs through Brazil

sierra madres

mountains in Mexico


when people move into cities

out migration

when people leave an area looking for jobs

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