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When cells evolved from prokaryotic to eukaryotic, which of these did not occur during
their development?
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Green plants are_______ , and protists are________Monophyletic, paraphyleticEmbryophytes have many selective advantages which allowed them to radiate after they evolved... what is false about embryophytes?Algae are embryophytesThe transition from aquatic to terrestrial life occurred when land plants evolved from...ChlorophytesWhat is endosymbiosis?When one organism engulfs the other, and they live happily togetherIf I told you that your mom found a protist which has two flagella...and one of the flagella is hairy! You would tell your mom that its a...StramenopileIf the florida state department called you because there was a huge toxic red tide event created by some pesky protistan, you would say " you've got yourself a whole lot of...DinoflagellatesWhich lineage of protists can create little protective houses for themselves called "tests" when they are stressed out.... Like maybe when they are dealing with a pandemic?AmoebozoansThere are many ways plants overcame the challenge of supporting themselves in terrestrial landscapes after evolving from aquatic environments. Which is not a way?Produced waxy cuticleWhich of these protists has a flexible pellicle?!EugelnoidsUnder which lineage is your closest relative?OpisthokontaWhat is a difference between gymnosperms and angiosperms?Double fertilization Only angiospermsWhich of these is a vascularized plant?PsilophytaWhich of these lineages have separate male and female plants?CycadsWhat is the biggest upshot of using seeds versus spores for reproduction?They have a nutrient source for the developing embryoWhich of these plant lineages include plants that use rhizomes to anchor themselves?Non vascular plantsWhich lineage of green algae reproduces sexually through conjugation tubes?ZyngnematophytaWhat is not a crucial challenge land plants faced when coming from the aquatic environments of their ancestors?Obtaining chlorophyl Aa specialized reproductive tissue in a plant is called a...Gametangiawhich is false about alternation of generations?All are true Alternation of generationWhich is NoT a reason the sporophyte dominated life cycle is more advantageous?All of the above dominated life cycleWhat are megaspores and what do they do?!?!They are female gametes which turn into female gametophytesWhich are the most diverse land plants living today?AngiospermsWhat is it called when Natural selection favors structures that reward an animal for carrying pollen directly from one flower to anotherDirected-pollination hypothesisWhat is a structure that is derived from the ovary and encloses one or more seeds?FruitWhat is incredible and unique about the ginkophytes?They have only one speciesWhat is not a characteristic of angiosperms?All are true angiospermsWhich is false when used to describe ALL land plants?They photosynthesizeWhich is not a type of fruit?Seedless fruitWhat produces the gametes? What kind of division does it go through?Gametophyte, mitosisWhat produces the spores? What kind of division does it go through?Sporophyte, meiosisWhich statement is false?Antheridia produces seedsWhich statement is false?The pollen tube develops into a fruitWhich statement is false?Polination occurs on the antherAn unknown specimen is brought to the lab and described by a scientist. Based upon this list of observations, in which lineage should it be classified? Observations: Multicellular, cell walls are present and contain cellulose, photoautotrophic containing chlorophyll a & b, male and female gametes are produced in specialized tissues (sperm are flagellated), Leafy thallus structure is presentPlantaeIt is believed that the most likely ancestor to terrestrial plants is:Chara, CharophytaYour lab instructor shows you a variety of organism from one lineage. Some of these members are autotrophic, others heterotrophic. Some are parasites others are free-living producers. All of the members are unicellular but it is a diverse group including termite symbionts, gut parasites like Giardia, STD protists like Trichomonas vaginalis, and the euglenoids. Many lack mitochondria but a majority have a central feeding groove. What lineage is described in this account?ExcavataPlants play a major ecological role in Earth's ecosystems and the everyday lives of humans. Which of the following is not an essential ecosystem service?Crop plants are genetically modified or artificially selected to enhance their protein contentWhich of these characteristics is shared by both algae and seed plants?Chloroplaststhe Carboniferous period was dominated by forests of plants growing in swampy habitats. Layers of their dead, compacted tissues are excavated as coal and petroleum products (like zombies). Which plants formed these prehistoric forests?Ferns & fern alliesAngiosperms are most closely related to:gymnospermsWhich of the following is an example of a seedless vascular plant?Fernfind the ovary's