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Word Processing Vocabulary

Word Processing
a computerized method of writing, editing, saving, and printing text
any text (letters), number, or symbol typed on the keyboard
Text Wrap
a feature allowing you to move the picture, so text can surround the pictures.
The set of toolbars that are placed in tabs at the top of the screen that gives you your different choices
Title Bar
The bar at the top of the screen that gives the name of your file (it shows what you saved your document as)
Status Bar
A horizontal bar, typically at the bottom of the screen or window showing information about a document being edited or a program running. (shows info such as how many words and pages you have typed)
style of writing/text. Example: Arial
the arrangement of text or graphics relative to a margin. Left alignment means that text is lined up along the left margin (default), right alignment lines up text along the right margin. Centered alignment means that text is aligned around a midpoint (titles).
to make changes to a document
pictures or symbols that represent a program/application
appears at the top or bottom of every page of the document, includes information such as name, title, page #
the blank space that surrounds the text on a page. (default is set to 1 inch)
a print out of a document. output from the computer that you can touch
Portrait View
the height of the display area is greater than the width; page is vertical (default)
Landscape View
the width of the display area is greater than the height; page is horizontal
feature that provides synonyms (and sometimes antonyms)