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1) open the packaging of the hypodermic needle from the hub end (back of the needle),
keeping it capped;
2) open the sterile packaging of the syringe from the plunger end (back of the syringe),
3) keeping the nozzle protected in the packaging;
4) carefully remove the syringe from the packaging and insert the nozzle of the syringe
5) firmly into the exposed hub of the capped hypodermic needle;
6) leave the needle and syringe in place until ready for use.
70% Alcohol prep pads
Povidone- iodine swabs for blood cultures
Non-alcohol based antiseptic for blood alcohol collections
Gauze pads (2X2) or cotton balls
Adhesive bandages or other bandaging materials
Vinyl or latex strip tourniquet
Blood collection evacuated/ vacuum tubes
Syringe needles (with safety device)
Test tube rack
Artificial Arm
Arm support/ pillow
Antibacterial soap
Paper towels (in dispenser)
Running Water
Waste container
Sharps container
Permanent marker or pen (indelible)
1) Obtain and examine the requisition form.
2) Greet, introduce self and state the purpose/ mission while reassuring the patient of the procedure to be performed.
3) Properly identify the patient verbally and examine patient's ID band for
inpatients and compares with the requisition information.
4) Select correct tubes and equipment for the procedure.
5) Perform proper hand hygiene.
6) Ask about blood drawing history and explain the procedure if necessary.
7) Put on gloves.
8) Position patient's arm slightly bent in a downward position so that tubes fill from the bottom up and apply the tourniquet properly.
9) Ask patient to clench fist.
10) Properly palpate and choose appropriate vein to be used for venipuncture.
11) Release the tourniquet at the appropriate time and less than 1 minute
12) Properly cleanse the site using appropriate technique.
13) Release the tourniquet at the appropriate time and less than 1 minute
14) Properly cleanse the site using appropriate technique.
15) Assemble needle and syringe based on chosen vein while the alcohol is drying.
16) Reapply tourniquet properly.
17) Ask patient to clench fist.
18) Uncap the needle and briefly inspects for defects.
19) Properly grasp the syringe barrel between your thumb and finger of your drawing
20) Properly anchor vein using aseptic technique and without re-palpating intended
puncture site.
21) Insert needle smoothly and swiftly, bevel up, in the same direction of the vein and at the correct angle.
22) Stabilize the syringe plunger by applying gentle but firm pressure to patient arm
with back of fingers while pulling back the plunger of the syringe evenly, gently and
slowly allowing the barrel to be filled with blood to the desired mark.
23) Withdraw/ remove the needle smoothly, then places gauze over puncture site.
24) Ask patient to apply pressure to the puncture site.
25) Ask patient to apply pressure to the puncture site.
26) Discard needle in sharps container carefully and correctly.
27) Transfer blood to evacuated tubes.
28) Syringe transfer device or transferring without a transfer device
29) When the last tube is filled, withdraw the needle, activate the safety devices and
dispose of sharps.
IMMEDIATELY after transferring, labels tubes correctly.
30) Inspect/examine puncture site to make sure bleeding has stopped, applies
bandage over folded gauze as necessary.
31) Thank patient and smile; if outpatient, allow patient to leave.
32) Discard used materials in appropriate receptacle
33) Disinfect work area.
34) Remove gloves, immediately performs proper hand hygiene.
35) Deliver the specimen to the laboratory in a timely manner.
36) Skill performed within allotted time.
sodium citrate, heparin, EDTA, and potassium oxalate.what are the common anticoagulants?glycolytic inhibitoris an additive that prevents the use of glucose by blood cells, a process called glycolysis.polymer geladditive found in some tubes creates a physical barrier between the liquid portion of the sample and the cellular elements during centrifugation.serum plasma tubesexample tubes that contains polymer gel additive?Multi-draw.Any blood collection where two or more tubes is collected from one venipuncture