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FCCLA History

Other than the 50 states, who else has FCCLA chapters?
1. District of Columbia
2. Puerto Rico
3. Virgin Islands
Who is eligible to be in FCCLA?
anyone who has be in or is currently taking a FACS class
What is the focus of FCCLA?
What is the official national FCCLA website?
What are the five areas of the FCCLA mission?
1. character development
2. creative & critical thinking
3. interpersonal communication
4. practical knowledge
5. career preparation
How many purposes does FCCLA have?
What is the FCCLA motto?
Toward New Horizons
What are the FCCLA colors?
red & white
What does red symbolize?
strength, courage & determination
What does white symbolize?
symbolizes sincerity of purpose and integrity of action
What is the FCCLA flower?
red rose
What does the red rose represent?
1. the organization by giving joy through beauty and fragrance
2. a desire for beauty in everyday living
What was the FCCLA emblem designed to represent?
a dynamic organization bound for the future
What does the collegiate lettering of the emblem represent?
a focus on education and student leadership
What does the swooping arch that surrounds the emblem represent?
an active organization moving towards new arenas
How may the organization's emblem be used?
only in conjunction with programs and activities directly related to the missions and purposes of FCCLA
Where should the emblem be worn?
1. Over the heart
2. On jacket pocket
How may the emblem be combined with other emblems?
It cannot be combined with other organization emblems or seals or in combination with the school's name.
Who may wear the FCCLA pin?
1. members
2. advisers
3. honorary members
4. Alumni & Associates members
5. chapter parents
Where should the FCCLA pins be worn?
over the heart with the guard lower than the pin
What is the FCCLA tagline?
The Ultimate Leadership Experience
When was the tagline adopted?
What is the printer red that is the correct red for the FCCLA emblem & logo?
PMS 185
What colors can the logo be printed or screened in according to the organization?
red, white & black only
If the FCCLA logo is combined with other logos, how far apart should they be?
1/2 inch minimum
On what items must the FCCLA tagline appear?
1. all FCCLA publications for external use
2. websites
3. advertising
What items is the FCCLA tagline recommended, but not required?
1. email signatures of national & state staff
2. officer email
3. banners & signs
4. note cards
5. gifts
On what items is the FCCLA tagline not required?
1. patches on uniforms
2. lapel pins
3. award plaques & certificated
When are ceremonies used by FCCLA?
1. celebrate
2. reflect on traditions and accomplishments
Where was the National meeting held this past summer?
Nashville, TN
What birthday for FCCLA was celebrated at the National meeting in Chicago in 2010?
Where will the National Leadership Conference be held the summer of 2014 (coming summer)?
San Antiono, TX
Where are the National Cluster Meetings this fall?
November 15-17
Spokane, Washington

November 22-24
Charlotte, North Carolina

November 22-24
Omaha, Nebraska
What was the theme of the national meeting this past summer?
Imagination in Action
What is the theme of the cluster meetings?
Raising the Bar
Who is the National President?
Kaylen Larson from Minnesota
What are the five basic components of an FCCLA chapter?
1. membership
2. adviser
3. leadership
4. meetings
5. projects
Which nation program concentrates on developing leadership skills?
Dynamic Leadership
Which national program empowers students to recognize their personal strengths and develop those thru individual projects?
Power of One
Which national program focuses on improving leadership skills on the job?
Leaders at Work
Which national program concentrates on giving your time, energy, talents and skill to improve the quality of life for others?
Community Service
Which national program focuses on traffic saftey?
FACTS: Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety
Which national program has as it's purpose to help young people become stron family members and leaders?
Families First
Which national program is an extension of Families First and provides an opportunity to spend a summer with a family in another country?
Japanese Exchange
Which national program focuses on assisting young people in learning how to make, save and spend money wisely?
Financial Fitness
Which national program focuses on issues like bullying, dating violence, etc?
STOP the Violence
Which national program educates others on proper nutrition, exercise and healthy choices?
Student Body
What does STAR stand for?
Students Taking Action with Recognition
Which STAR Event is an Arkansas only events?
1. Creed Recitation
Which officer is in charge of the chapter's finance?
Which officer is on each committee?
Who is the Arkansas FCCLA State Adviser?
Suellen Ward
What are the three 3 Rs of membership?
1. recruitment
2. retention
3. recognition
How much are national dues?
How much are state dues?
What is the National Project?
Share Our Strength
What is the State Project?
Arkansas Rice Depot / Diaper Depot
What is the Executive Council?
Standing Committee that plans and organizes all chapter needs; traditionally comprised of the chapter officers
Who is the official supplier of all FCCLA merchandise?
Where is the National FCCLA Center?
Located in Reston, VA
Dedicated in July of 1983
What is the source for all rules of parlimentary procedure (rules for conducting meetings)?
Roberts Rules of Order
What is a special committee?
Committee appointed as needed and expires when need is no longer apparent.
What is the most important FCCLA activity?
Involving members in projects they create, implement and evaluate
What are the 3 ways of working within FCCLA?
1. cooperative
2. individual
3. compete
What is the earliest phase of project planning?
What is shared leadership?
Process through which chapter members hold joint responsibility for chapter success.
What three names has FCCLA been known by?
1. Future Homemakers of America - FHA
3. Family, Career & Community Leaders of America
When did Arkansas FHA affliliate with the national organization?
October, 1946
What is the oldest youth organization associated with Career Tech?
Where is the state headquarters for FCCLA?
Little Rock, Arkansas
What are the five rules for brainstorming?
1. list every idea
2. don't discuss
3. don't judge
4. allow repetition
5. enjoy the silences
What are the functions of a committe?
1. investigation
2. planning
3. action
4. evaluation
What are the typical FCCLA offices?
Vice-President of Programs
Vice President of Public Relations
How many National Programs are there?
What district is your chapter?
District 1
What is the region for Arkansas chapters?
Which president signed the first national vocational act?
President Woodrow Wilson
What year was the first national vocational act?
What was the name of FHA's sister organization that was for students at black schols?
New Homemakers of America
What organization loaned FHA money to start the organization?
AHEA - American Association of Home Economics
How much start up money did FHA borrow?
Who was the first national adviser for FHA and NHA?
Dr. Hazel Frost
What act provided federal support for Home Economics programs that focused on homemaking education?
George Barden Act
What state was the first to affliliate with FHA?
When was Teen Times first published?
Where was the original headquarters of FHA?
AHEA's headquarters in Washington D.C.
Where was the first national convention held?
Kansas City
What was the original dues cost for being a FHA member?
10 cents
When did FHA and NHA merge and hold their first joint national meeting?
July 1965
What year did the membership of FHA/FCCLA peak?
When did FHA expand to include 'Home Economics Related Occupations - HERO'?
What year was the first male national officer & who was he
1973 Toney Bingham from Washington D.C.
When is FCCLA week?
in February during National Vocations Education Week
Which state was the last of the 53 associattions to affiliate?
Rhode Island
When were the first HERO national officers elected?
July 1979
When was the purchase of the land for the national headquarters approved by the National Board of Directors?
July 1980
When were competitive events particiaption implemented on the national level?
January 1982
When did STAR Events start?
July 1983
When did cluster meetings start?
Fall 1983
When did Teen Times start coming to each individual chapter member?
Fall 1984
When was the Leadership Hall of Fame started?
July 1995
What year was the 'Ultimate Leadership Experience' chosen as the official tagline of FCCLA?
September 2003
When was the first Ultimate State Officer Academy Leadership Training?
July 2005
When was the STAR Events manual posted online?
September 2007
Where is the national headquarters located?
Reston, Virginia
What is the FCCLA tagline?
FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience
What are the four national FCCLA regions?
North Atlantic, Southern, Central, Pacific
Who is eligible to be a member of FCCLA?
any student who is taking or has taken a family and consumer sciences education course and who pays the appropriate membership dues, or is a part of a middle level or urban chapter affiliation program.
What is a co-curricular FCCLA chapter?
a program that integrates FCCLA chapter activities into the classroom family and consumer sciences program of study.
What is the planning process?
a simple five-step method to help chapter members and advisors plan individual, group or chapter projects and activities
What is youth-centered leadership?
process through which youth members are responsible for planning, carrying out and evaluating chapter projects and activities
What is the mission of FCCLA?
To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through- character development; creative and critical thinking; interpersonal communication; practical knowledge; and career preparation.
What are the 53 state associations?
the 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Who is the current executive direvtor of FCCLA?
Michael Benjamin
What are bylaws?
the rules adopted by an organization for governing its activities
How is FCCLA financed?
FCCLA is a nonprofit organization funded primarily by membership dues.
What are the official FCCLA colors?
What is the FCCLA motto?
Toward New Horizons
When and where was FHA founded?
June, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois
What is the organization's central focus?
the Family
When and where was the name of the organization changed to FCCLA?
July, 1999; Boston, MA
How many student are involved in FCCLA?
220,000 national members
How many districts are in Arkansas?
Name the five units of power of one?
a better you, family ties, working on working, take the lead, speak out for FCCLA
What national program guides students to develop, plan, carry out and evaluate projects that improve the quality of life in their communities?
community service programs
What is the meaning of the acronym FACTS?
families acting for community traffic safety
What is peer education?
A method of education where teens teach teens- their peers
What is financial fitness program about?
financial fitness is a national FCCLA program that teaches young people to make, save, and spend money wisely
Who is eligible for full scholarships in the japanese exchange program?
members in their sophomore and junior years of high school
What is the meaning of the acronym STOP and the STOP the violence program?
students taking on prevention
What are the three "R's" of the STOP the violence program?
Recognize, Report, and Reduce
What is the name of the national membership campaign?
Be Part of It!
What is membership activity for new FCCLA members?
Step One
What does FCCLA stand for?
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
Model good character is an essential for what national Program?
Dynamic Leadership
What does FACTS stand for?
Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety
True or False: at the local level, we are affiliated as clubs
False: Chapters
In what month is National FCCLA month celebrated?
True or False: Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have FCCLA
How many National officers are on the NEC (national executive council)?
What is the first step in the Planning Process?
Identify Concerns
What STAR event requires participant to fill out an application?
Job Interview
Where does phase II of USA training occure?
Washington D.C. Capital Leadership
Who is eligible to join FCCLA?
students who are enrolled or have been enrolled in Family & Consumer Sciences classes for at least one semester
What act was signed in 1917 to allow vocational classes to be taught in school?
Smith Hughes Act
What class courses does FCCLA support?
Family and Consumer Sciences
What is the first step in the Planning Process?
Identify Concerns
What is the last step of the Planning Process?
Follow Up
In FCCLA, we face the future with what?
warm courage and high hope
What is the 1st Purpose?
to provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life
What is the 2nd Purpose?
to strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society
What is the 3rd Purpose?
to encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community
What is the 4th Purpose?
to encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony
What is the 5th Purpose?
to promote greater understanding between youth and adults
What is the 6th Purpose?
to provide opportunities for making decisions and for assuming responsibilities
What is the 7th Purpose?
to prepare for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society
What is the 8th Purpose?
to promote Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations
What is the National Programs that deals with traffic safety?
What is one of the topic areas for FACTS?
Buckle Up, Arrive Alive or Think Smart
What does FACTS stand for?
Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety
Who is the governing body of the whole FCCLA organization?
National Board of Directors
What are the five steps of the Planning Process?
Identify Concerns, Set a Goal, Form a Plan, Act and Follow up
What are the three types of membership?
Active, Honorary, Alumni
In what month is the National Leadership Conference held?
FCCLA is organized at the local level as a what?
How many motions can be before a group at a time?
What is a change in a motion called?
What do you call an idea that you would like to put before a group?
What is an individual recognition project?
Power of One
What is the order of a business meeting called?
What is the last item of a business meeting?
What is the official uniform of the organization?
Red Blazer and black pants or skirt
What national program helps members learn about leadership?
Dynamic Leadership
What national program guides members to link options and skills for career success?
Career Connections
What national project helps members plan and carry out projects that help communities?
Community Service
What national program allows members to live in Japan for six weeks?
Japanese Exchange
What peer education program empowers young people to recognize, reach out, and report violence?
STOP the Violence
What does STOP stand for in STOP the Violence?
Students Taking on Prevention
What is a self directed program with 5 modules where members set goals and work to achieve them?
Power of One
What is a project for new members to help them learn about the organization?
Step 1
What is the FCCLA website?
What is a national program where members gain a better understanding of families?
Families First
What are the five modules for Families First?
Families Today, You-Me-Us, Meet the Challenge, Balancing Family and Career, and Parent Practice
What is a peer education program that encourages members to eat right, be fit, and make healthy choices?
Student Body
What is a peer education program that teaches young people about money?
Financial Fitness
What are units of Financial Fitness?
Banking Basics, Cash Control, Making Money, Consumer Clout, and Financing Your Future
Japanese Exchange Program
What is the program that offers a scholarship to study in Japan for six weeks in the summer?
Career Connections
What is a national program that gives members skills for career success?
Plug into Careers, Sign on to the Career Connection, Program Career Steps, Link Up to Jobs, Access Skills for Career Success Integrate Work and Life
What are modules of Career Connections?
Leaders at Work
What is a national program that helps members strengthen leadership skills for jobs?
Comprehensive and Occupational
What are the types of "emphasis" for chapter members?
Junior, Senior, Occupational
What are the three levels of STAR Events?
Applied Technology, Chapter Service, Chapter Showcase Manual, Illustrated Talk, Focus on Children etc.
What are three STAR Events?
Food Innovations and Fashion Design
What are the two new STAR Events this year?
Community Service
What national program turns teen concerns into action to improve their communities?
Model good character, solve problems, foster positive relationships, manage conflict, build teams, educate peers
What are the six essentials of Dynamic Leadership?
Department of Education and American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Who are the national sponsors for FCCLA?
To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through-character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge and vocational preparation
What is the mission of FCCLA?
Alumni and Associates
What is the organization for high school graduates who want to continue their membership in FCCLA?
What is it when FCCLA projects are part of the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculm?
Career and Technical Education
What is CTE?
Career and Technical Education Student Organization (FCCLA)
What is CTSO?
What is the number of members necessary to do business at a meeting?