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Electronic Commerce - Chapter 4

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The element of the marketing mix that is the amount the customer pays for the product.
any means of spreading the word about the product (4 Ps)
The practice of targeting very small market segments
psychographic segmentation
In ____, marketers try to group customers by variables such as social class, personality, or their approach to life.
behavioral segmentation
In general, the creation of separate experiences for customers based on their behavior is called ____.
shopping cart
the part of a Web site that keeps track of selected items for purchase and automates the purchasing process.
acquisition cost
The total amount of money that a site spends, on average, to draw one visitor to the site
retained customers
Customers who return to the site more than once after making their first purchase
banner ad
a small rectangular object on a Web page that displays a stationary or moving graphic and includes a hyperlink to the advertiser's Web site.
skyscraper ad
is a banner ad that is designed to be placed on the side of a Web page and remain visible as the user scrolls down through the page.
text ad
a short promotional message that does not use any graphic elements and is usually placed along the top or right side of a Web page.
pop-up ad
an ad that appears in its own window when the user opens or closes a Web page.
conversion rate
The ____ of an advertising method is the percentage of recipients who respond to an ad or promotion.
The information that a Web site can gather about its visitors
data warehouse
In a CRM system, the multiple sources of information about customers, their preferences, and their behavior is entered into a large database
statistical modeling
a technique that tests theories that CRM analysts have about relationships among elements of customer and sales data.
affiliate program broker
is a company that serves as a clearinghouse or marketplace for sites that run affiliate programs and sites that want to become affiliates.
affiliate marketing
one firm's web site has descriptions and information about another's firm's product and includes links to that other firm's site
Viral marketing
____ relies on existing customers to tell the company's prospective customers about the products or services they have enjoyed using
search engine
a Web site that helps people find things on the Web
Domain name parking
____ is a service that permits the purchaser of a domain name to maintain a simple Web site (usually one page) so that the domain name remains in use.
banner advertising network
a broker between advertisers and web sites that carry ads
banner exchange network
This coordinates ad sharing that other sites run one company's ad while that company's site runs other exchange members' ads
web log / blog
A web site where people can post their thoughts and invite others to add commentary
The customers' perceptions of the product
cause marketing
an affiliate marketing program that benefits a charitable organization
when a visitor clicks on a banner ad
contextual advertising
technique where ads are placed in proximity to related content
when you convert the first-time visitor into a customer
conversion cost
the total amount of money that a site spends on average to induce one visitor to make a purchase
cost per click (CPC)
pricing metric that is the price for every time that a visitor clicks on an ad
cost per thousand (CPM)
The pricing metric for mass media that is the estimated cost for every thousand people in an estimated audience
customer-based marketing strategy
An approach to marketing strategy and web site design that accommodates the differing needs of various types of customers
customer life cycle
the relationship between a customer and the product over a period of time. divided into 5 sections
customer relationship management (CRM)
This occurs when a firm obtains detailed information about a customer's behavior, preferences, needs, and buying patterns and uses that information to set prices, negotiate terms, tailor promotions, etc.
customer value
The difference between the benefits that a customer derives from the product and the cost of the product
data mining / analytical processing
a technique that examines stored information and looks for patterns in the data that are not yet known or suspected
demographic segmentation
When you group customers by information such as age, gender, family size, etc
fan base
The combined number of associated individuals that follow a company page
On social media, followers of a company's discussion activity are called ___
fours Ps of marketing
Product, Place, Price, and Promotion
funnel model of customer acquisition
a model used as a conceptual tool to understand the overall nature of a marketing strategy. Shows how a large number of site visitors will lead to a small number of purchases eventually
geographic segmentation
When firms divide their customers into groups by where they live or work
Each time that the banner ad laods
index / database
the storage element of a search engine. This checks to see if information about a site web picked by a spider is already stored and maybe updated or needs to be added to this storage.
inline text ad
when a site that uses text ads turns some of the text in the story into hyperlinks that lead to advertisers' sites
interactive advertising bureau (IAB)
a not-for-profit organization that promotes the use of Internet advertising and encourages effective Internet advertising
interactive marketing unit (IMU) ad formats
The standard banner sizes that most web sites have voluntarily agreed to use
interstitial ad
When a user clicks a link to load a page, this type of ad opens in its own window
leaderboard ad
a banner ad that is designed to span the top or bottom of a web page
life-cycle segmentation
segmenting based on where the customer is in the customer life cycle
localized advertising
technique where you place ads related to the geographic location of the results on the search results page
market segmentation
the practice of identifying specific portions of the market to target
marketing mix
the combination of elements they use to achieve their goals of selling and promoting their product
marketing strategy
the marketing mix that a company decides to use
the place or "space" where commerce in the information/digital world happens.
mobile ads
ads inside mobile apps
mobile apps
programs that run on smartphones
occasion segmentation
segmentation based on things that happen at happen at a specific time. similar to behavioral segmentation
one-to-one marketing
The highly customized approach to offering products and services that match the needs of one customer
opt-in email
the practice of sending email messages to people who request information on a particular topic or about a specific product
page view
each page loaded by a visitor
paid placement / search term sponsorship
the option of purchasing a top listing on results pages for a particular set of search terms
pay-per-click model
a pricing model where the affiliate earns a commission each time a site visitor clicks the link and loads the seller's page
pay-per-conversion model
a pricing model where the affiliate earns a commission each time a site visitor is converted into a customer
permission marketing
marketing that requires customers acceptance. practices include opt-in email
Place / distribution
the need to have products or services available in many different locations (one of the 4 Ps)
pop-behind ad
a pop-up ad that is followed very quickly by a command that returns you to your original window
The physical item or service that a company is selling
product-based marketing strategy
Marketing strategy that focuses and formats the business in terms of the products and services they sell
any means of spreading the word about the product (one of the 4 Ps)
rational branding
This a strategy where a firm seeks to improve customer perception of them through cognitive appeal and reasoning
repeat visits
every time a visitor loads a page after the first time
retention costs
The costs of inducing customers to return to a web site and buy again
rich media ads / active ads
this ad generates graphical activity that "floats" over the web page itself instead of opening a new window. usually contains audio and video elements
search engine optimization (SEO)
The combined art and science of having a particular URL listed near the top of search engine results
search engine placement brokers
companies that aggregate inclusion and placement rights on multiple search engines and then sell those combination packages to advertisers
search engine ranking
The position of a web Site in the list of search engine results
search utility
This takes the inputted search terms and finds entries for web pages in the index that matches those terms and then returns a list of links to URLs
a specific portion of the market that has similar characteristics
site sponsorships
when a web site offers advertisers to opportunity to sponsor all of parts of their site.
social media
a general term for Web sites such as Facebook or Google+ and online communication technologies such as Twitter
spider / robot / bot / crawler
a program that automatically searches the web to find web pages that might be interesting to people
touchpoint consistency
the goal of providing similar levels and quality of service at all touchpoints
online and offline customer contact points
trial visit
the first time a visitor loads a specific page
trigger words
Keywords on a web site that prompt a visitor to stay and investigate the products or services offered
universal ad package (UAP)
The 4 ad formats set up by the IAB
unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) / spam / bulk mail
electronic junk mail that can contain solicitations, advertisements, or email chain letters
URL brokers
businesses that sell, lease, or auction domain names
usage-based market segmentation
customizing visitor experiences to match the site usage behavior patters of each visitor or type of visitor is called ___.
viral marketing
this marketing relies on existing customers to tell other people about the products or services they have enjoyed using
A ____ occurs when a visitor requests a page from the Web site.
ad-blocking software
software the prevents banner ads and pop-up ads from loading
ad view
a page view that contains an ad