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Chapter 6


memorial consisting of a very large stone forming part of a prehistoric structure (especially in western Europe)

Old stone Age

The period of human prehistory that lasted until about 12,000 years ago, during which stone tools were the most common technology used by humans

Paleolithic Period

the historical period believed to have lasted from 30,000 BC until about 10,000 BC

Post and lintel

a structure consisting of vertical beams (posts) supporting a horizontal beam (lintel)

Woman from Ostrava Petrkovice

Czech Republic
c. 23,000 B.C.

Woman from Brassempouy

c. 22,000 B.C.

Venus from Willendorf or Woman from Willendorf

c. 22,000-21,000 B.C.

Hall of Bulls

Cave Painting
Lascaux Caves
c. 15,000-
13,000 B.C.

Chinese Horse

Cave Painting
Lascaux Caves
c. 15,000-10,000 B.C.

Bird-Headed Man with Bison

Cave Painting
Lascaux Caves
c. 15,000- 13,000 B.C.

Standing Bison

Cave Painting
Altamira Caves
c. 15,000-10,000 B.C

Bison with Turned Head

Reindeer horn
c. 11,000-9,000 B.C


Salisbury Plain
Wiltshire, England
c. 2,000 B.C

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