Essentials of Sociology - Exam 2

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A 5 year Certificate of Deposit with your bank (a timed savings bond paying you interest) would be called what in Chapter 8?
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Karl Marx said that access to this was the defining factor in one's social class.The means of productionTwo countries, _____ and _____, discussed in Chapter 7 as having a high rate of female destruction, both before and after birth.India and ChinaWhat was seen by Lenin and Trotsky as a transition step between communism and capitalism?SocialismThere is consistently a waiting list for legal immigration to the United States. Please choose the BEST reason for this from the following:Social mobility is possible and fairly common here.What is colonialism?One country exploiting another for economic gain.The video 'Why Some Countries are Rich and Others Poor' listed several causes for wealth or poverty among nations. The main conclusions of the video attributed from LARGEST to SMALLEST in this format: (Percentage to Contributing factor)- 50% to Social Institutions - 30% to Geography - 20% to CultureA large group of people who rank close to each other in terms of property (wealth), prestige, and power are a ____ classA person who has an income that they consider inadequate for their level of power and prestige may experience a _____ _____.status inconsistencyAccording to the chart in your textbook in Chapter 8, what percentage of people experience poverty for one year or less?59%The Social Class Ladder illustration in your book on page 221 shows the classes by income from the Underclass to the Capitalist class. Which two classes represent the largest percentage of the population?- Lower middle class - Working classA set of beliefs that justifies social arrangements is called ideologyTheories for Prejudice under the Psychological Perspective in Chapter 9 were:1. Frustration and Scapegoat Theory 2. Authoritarian Personality TheorySelf-fulfilling stereotypes are examined under the Sociological Perspective of prejudice in this perspective _____ _____.Symbolic InteractionismFoot binding in Chinese culture was done to demonstrate that a husband was prosperous and did not need his wife's labor. Tiny feet were a(n) ____ ____.Status symbolArmenian children in the U.S.S.R. were not allowed to speak their native language, wear traditional clothing, or celebrate traditional Armenian holidays in the Russian schools. This was an example of _____ _____.Forced assimilationSexual harassment is defined as ____.any unwanted sexual attentionThe goal of the First Wave of Feminism was to gain this ____.Voting rights for women.Two procedures, one an example of unintended discrimination toward females and the other as blatant discrimination, was exemplified in your textbook by these two examples involving medical procedures:- Heart Surgery - HysterectomiesThe mostly invisible barrier that prevents women from reaching the executive offices is called ____.The Glass CeilingOne's sex is _____.Biological characteristics distinguishing male from femaleThe term "minority group" is used for females because _____.Females experience discriminationThe definition of power is _____.Getting your way despite resistanceAn attitude of thinking one group is inferior to one's own group is _____.PrejudiceThe years in the United States from 1865 to 1964 were difficult ones for African Americans. They experienced Segregation and not Internal Colonialism, as in South Africa, because _____ and _____.- They could legally vote - They could serve in the militaryUnder Theories of Prejudice in Chapter 9, Conflict Theory identifies one method of racial/ethic oppression is to control workers through these means:Ethnic Fragmentation and Split Labor MarketMasculine and feminine behaviors are biologically wired from birth.FalseThe summer camp experiment by the Sherif's in Chapter 9 demonstrated that prejudice is _____ and can be shaped by the _____ _____.- Functional - Social EnvironmentLabels create prejudice in people by causing _____ _____.Selective PerceptionA group of people with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group is called a _____.RaceThe labels help people _____ - to separate their acts of cruelty from their sense of being good and decent people.compartmentalizeLabels contribute to self-fulfilling stereotypes because they create _____ _____.Selective perception1. The dominant group absorbs the minority group 2. The dominant expels or 'resettles' the minority group 3. The dominant group exploits the minority group 4. The dominant group tries to destroy the minority group1. Assimilation 2. Population Transfer 3. Internal Colonialism 4. GenocideUnfair treatment directed against someone on the basis of some characteristic is called _____.DiscriminationThe Symbolic Interactionism Perspective examines the meaning of aging in today's society. The advance of technological resources such as search engines on our phones have contributed to the change of the meaning of 'older' persons. What role did the elderly used to serve in society which has been diminished by this technology?The role of being a storehouse of knowledge